Luxury iPhone, iPad cases

Luxury iPhone, iPad cases

Summary: There's designer protection available out there for your favorite gadgets.

TOPICS: Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • Hard Graft's skinny fit iPhone 5 case

    Hard Graft's #OldFashioned collection includes a case suitable for the iPhone 5.

    The owner says that the vegetable tanned Italian leather, small gold logo and red and white ribbon are meant to create a fresh and quality feel. The case develops a caramel tint the more it is exposed to sunlight, measures 14.5cm x 7cm, and has subtle slots for credit cards as well as an opening for your headphones. The case is lined in Italian wool. 

    The case is priced at £82 ($125).

    Via: Hard Graft

  • Stella McCartney

    Designed by Stella McCartney, the Falabella faux brushed-leather iPhone 4 sleeve is trimmed with a chain in a gold tone and, naturally, comes with a designer hanging tag so you can make sure everyone knows it is a high-end product.

    Compatible with both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, this iPhone sleeve will only set you back £165 ($253).

    Via: Net-a-Porter

  • Fendi

    As part of Fendi's 2012/13 Autumn Winter collection, a number of products appeared on the catwalk which appear to be handbags, but are actually hand-held iPad cases. The collection is made of designs from leather, tapestry, furs and skins in hard frames complete with handles -- and the bill for one of them is likely to make your eyes water.


Topics: Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • Cool if it floats your boat

    But not for me.
  • Tech is democratic...

    One of the wonderful things about technology is how democratic it is. Your iPhone 5 is exactly the same as Donald Trump's iPhone 5. Has the same features, runs the same way. So if Trump wants to distinguish his aristocratic iPhone from your plebeian iPhone, he's gotta go to the Gucci store and spend $3000 on some gaudy case. But then you get the last laugh when you buy a Chinese knockoff on eBay for $12.00 shipping included.
    • Technology is apolitical

      How it is used and by whom is what makes it "democratic", "fascist", one pretending to be the other, or anything else.

      It's that simple.
  • more money than sense

    I see UGLY does come in small packages, and the Apple Tax is alive and well.
  • cases lol

    buy a phone that doesn't need one fools
  • Other cool cases...

    These guys have awesome cases.
  • EDGE

    My EDGE Design Metro case is the best high-end case I have had.