Luxury phones you'll probably never own: gallery

Luxury phones you'll probably never own: gallery

Summary: A smartphone is not just a way to make calls -- now, it can be a status symbol. But could you afford any of these gadgets?

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  • Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot 

    Gresso's Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot mobile phone case is made of 180 grams of gold, and embedded with 45.5k of black diamonds. 

    It may be heavy, but it is only 12mm in thickness, and the back panel is made from 200 year old African Blackwood. 

    The phone's keyboard has digits manufactured individually from single crystal sapphires -- of which the carat weight is 32.

    The Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot is a limited edition model priced at $1 million.

  • The Goldvish Geneve 

    Created by the luxury phone maker Goldvish, their flagship Geneve model comes in five variations:

    -Centerfold (1 diamond, 0.15ct)

    -Violent Numbers (190 diamonds, 1.35ct)

    -Beyond Dreams (246 diamonds, 2.30ct)

    -Majesty (1089 diamonds, 6.04ct)

    -Like Heaven (1639 diamonds, 11.03ct)

    Each phone is coated in 18ct solid white gold, and comes with a sapphire display, 400 hours standby time and 2GB memory. 

    The most expensive model is sold for roughly 120,000 euros ($156,000).

  • Nokia Supreme

    Another design by Stuart Hughes, this Nokia smartphone is encrusted with 12.5 carats of pink diamond, created with roughly 1225 gems that include one central 3 carat diamond. 

    The casing is made of handmade platinum veneers (83 grams), and only three handsets are due to be made.  

    This phone costs £99,995 ($106,111).

Topic: Mobility

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  • Ugh...

    Ugh, those diamond encrusted monstrosities are so gaudy. I look at them and don't thing: "ooh, how classy!" I think "Christ, just how far can the rich push the bounds of tackiness?" I got the same feeling some time back looking at the interior of a Maserati Quatropporte. It was so self-consciously ostentatious as to border on the ridiculous. I would 1000 times rather ride in the interior of a 2008 Acura TSX than one of those.
    • Look on the bright side. Folks that toss money

      after this gaudy stuff keep a lot of people employed in the "we make gaudy stuff for your ego" industry.
  • Too bad they won't name the fools that buy them

    Then we would know who the world's biggest idiots are!
    • Her name...

      I'll give you a hint: her first name is "Paris" and her last name "Hilton."
  • Those are, mostly, hideous.

    I mean down right horrid.
  • These phones would suit

    oil sheiks or bling bling rap artists !!
  • Yuck

    What an absurd waste of money.
    Max Peck