Mac 30 - Thirty years of innovation (Video)

Mac 30 - Thirty years of innovation (Video)

Summary: Apple posted a video celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Mac on its website featuring some of its highest profile users sharing their Mac experiences.


This video is currently running on the Apple website to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Mac. The video features Mac testimonials by accomplished users including MobyMaki Sugimoto, April GreimanDaito ManabeHans ZimmerTinker HatfieldIris van Herpen, John Maeda, Noemi Trainor, Nick Knight, and Theodore Gray.   

According to the Apple description:

Thirty years ago, the Mac put the power of technology in everyone's hands, launching a generation of innovators who continue to change the world. This video celebrates some of those pioneers and the incredible impact they've made.

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  • Congratulations Apple!

    Congratulation Mac :)
    Maria Davidenko
  • Not quite....

    I'd say 25 years of innovation and 5 years trying to stay afloat. With that talk of a major recall of 2011 MacBook Air plus, OS security issues and other issues, the last 5 years [under Cook's reign] lacks anything but problems.