Malware defiled Apple's App Store: Kaspersky

Malware defiled Apple's App Store: Kaspersky

Summary: Kaspersky is taking credit for finding an infected application that appeared in the app stores of both Apple and Google.

TOPICS: Security, Android, Apple, Apps

Russia-based security vendor, Kaspersky Lab, claims to have found the first malware to appear on Apple's App Store.

The "Find and Call" app, which was also available in Google's Android app store, was uploading the contact lists of users to a remote server, and sending out SMS spam to the harvested numbers. The SMS messages would contain a link to download the infected application.

At first, it was thought to be an SMS worm spread through text messages, rather than via the app store, but it has since been diagnosed as a trojan.

Find and Call has since been removed from both the App Store and Google Play.

Malware on Google Play is nothing new, but this would be the first time that an app containing malware has appeared in the Apple App Store.

Apple is famous for its stringent guidelines in the approval and release of apps in its App Store.

The electronics vendor has also been dealing with technical issues that caused updated apps from the App Store and Mac Store to refuse to work, following the update. Apple is working to fix the problem.

ZDNet Australia is awaiting comment from both Apple and Google.

Topics: Security, Android, Apple, Apps

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  • Affect on other "good" apps?

    I wonder what negative impact this will have on other apps that have similar names. Hopefully apps like ReadAndCall and others which are good don't receive unwarranted negative reactions. Many developers work hard to produce good Apps and one bad "apple" can ruin countless hours of good work.
    • None

      Aside from you and the tiny fraction of a % of the total population that make up IT geeks, very few will even know about this.
    nana admin