Malwarebytes raises $30M in Series A Funding, secures 60m users

Malwarebytes raises $30M in Series A Funding, secures 60m users

Summary: Security firm Malwarebytes has secured $30 million in Series A funding from Highland Capital Partners.

TOPICS: Security, Malware
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Malwarebytes has secured $30 million in Series A funding from Highland Capital Partners, allowing the security firm to expand globally.

The antivirus provider says the funding will be used to accelerate the global expansion of Malwarebytes technology in both the consumer and enterprise sphere. One of the most popular antivirus systems available for download behind Microsoft, Malwarebytes offers both free and premium services that stop threats including zero-day exploits, advanced malware and mobile threats.

The firm also announced that it now caters to over 60 million quarterly active users.

Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes commented:

We're proud to join the Highland Capital portfolio and this round of financing will accelerate our global expansion plans. It will allow us to continue building an even better company for protecting our devoted army of personal users and businesses all over the world.

"It has been our goal from the very beginning to develop technology to fight cutting-edge malware, and we plan to create the best products to achieve this. As the bad guys continue to advance, Malwarebytes will keep evolving," Kleczynski added.

Malwarebytes focuses on developing software that goes beyond traditional security products as cybercriminals increasingly use more sophisticated techniques when targeting consumer and business alike. Recent research conducted by the Enterprise Strategy Group on behalf of Malwarebytes discovered that 49 percent of enterprises have suffered a successful breach in just the last 24 months.

Jeremiah Daly, Partner at Highland Capital Partners said "Malwarebytes already has significant market penetration," and the investors "look forward to helping the company build on this user-base and continue developing innovative products which address the growing demands of today’s advanced threat landscape."

In June, Malwarebytes released Anti-Exploit, a lightweight background protection program that runs alongside traditional antivirus software designed to protect Windows operating systems from zero-day attacks.

Topics: Security, Malware

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  • Zero-Day???

    I doubt they can stop a Zero-Day exploit in enough time to be helpful. Besides, it's the zero-minute exploits that do the most damage. Whitelisting is the only method to put a dent in that type of attack. I'm still amazed that whitelisting services haven't become popular.
    • I'm confident they've put a dent in it..

      things have been getting slow at the honey pot lab, since I put MBAP on the machine.