Manage documents with ease

Manage documents with ease

Summary: Everyday faxing, printing and copying may not be the most exciting tasks. But with the right tools and processes, you can reduce the time they take.


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How much work time do you spend each day on routine tasks such as printing and faxing? Do you want your staff to be doing other things that make your business more successful?

SMBs would do well to streamline workflow in order to get more work done, in shorter time and with less effort. However, for many small businesses, technology purchases are often based on immediate need rather than an organized plan. For instance, when you need a printer, you buy it, put it on a desk, and connect it to a PC. The same applies for the copy machine, fax machine, scanner and data storage.

If mundane jobs are easier and quicker to complete, you will be more likely to do them.
Often, you end up with an environment where the tools you depend on to get things done end up in distant corners of the workplace.

Focus on the tasks
Companies should thus minimize the time and labor that employees spend on activities such as copying, scanning, faxing, or printing, by combining business devices into a task center. This ensures that staff has more time to devote to the business. Here are the benefits:

  1. Save time
    Streamlining workflow with a task center can drastically reduce the time needed to complete routine business activities because it frees you up to spend more time on what makes your business successful. The fewer steps required to accomplish a task, the more productive you are.

  2. Save effort
    If mundane jobs are easier and quicker to complete, you will be more likely to do them. For instance, you're more likely to back up data to protect it from loss if it's a simple and fast process.

  3. Save money
    In addition to the cost savings from reduced time and effort, a task center saves you money by consolidating devices. Rather than purchasing, setting up, and maintaining a separate printer, copier, fax machine, and scanner, you can use a single all-in-one (AIO) device to perform those functions. This also lets you eliminate the supplies, service, setup time, maintenance, and space that single-function machines require.

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