Mango showdown: Lumia 800 vs HTC Titan

Mango showdown: Lumia 800 vs HTC Titan

Summary: Smartphones based on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.5 are arriving, with Nokia's Lumia 800 and HTC's Titan are range-topping handsets. Here's how they measure up against each other.


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  • Nokia Lumia versus HTC Titan - camera

    Camera performance differed more than I expected between the two phones, with the Titan slightly edging out the Lumia's 8-megapixel Carl Zeiss optics-equipped camera, somewhat against my expectations.

    The colours on the Lumia were far cooler than the photos taken at the same time and in the same conditions as with the Titan. Somewhat strangely, during testing I could hear the Titan clicking as it attempted to auto-focus before taking a picture.

    The Titan also has a front-facing camera, a feature badly missing from the Lumia 800. This means the Nokia smartphone will not be able to take advantage of Microsoft Office Lync integration when it arrives later in 2011.

  • Titan versus Lumia 800 - micro-USB slot

    The micro-USB port on the Lumia was a little tricky to access — you need to push quite hard on a little raised part on the top left of the handset. Any time the phone is plugged into a charger or PC, it leaves a flap of plastic just begging to be snapped off.

    In addition, the HTC scores an extra point for having a removable rear panel, allowing access to the battery. Owners cannot change the battery in the Nokia Lumia, which does not give access.

    After spending at least a week using both phones, my conclusion is there is not very much between the two. Both make the mistake of omitting microSD expansion slots, so internal memory is limited to 16GB for each. They have similar external hardware controls, with a dedicated camera shutter button and volume rockers.

    Neither have near-field communications (NFC), which is a disappointment given Nokia's use of the contactless technology in Symbian Belle handsets, but the Microsoft OS does not support it. Neither have support for connecting to a larger external screen, either.

    So which handset came out on top? Ultimately, it's the Nokia Lumia 800 that I reach for more often before I walk out the door.

     In its favour, it has support for the same files and features as the Titan, with the addition of the excellent Nokia Maps, Drive and Mix Radio services. While video playback or photo slideshows on its smaller screen may not be as impressive as on the Titan's, I can live with that compromise for being easier to use at most other times.

    Is it perfect? No, but the Lumia 800's more manageable size and distinctive design make it a more interesting and usable phone.

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  • Very biased review....l u didn't even talk about the htc hub.... Nor the htc maps.
    The htc Titan has an inbuilt htc the best windows phone available currently.. :P
  • Hmm, your reply isn't biased at all is it! As he said these are the 2 flagship phones, not the only phones
  • A tad unfair to damn them for not including a micro SD slot. No WP7 phones have removable storage. The internal sd card is used directly by the OS

    The exclusion of expandable memory was seemingly the result of Apple "proving" that people don't want that feature... Microsoft see, Microsoft do...

    Whilst i am fond of HTC, as an erstwhile WM owner, I have to hand it to Nokia. They have at least attempted to differentiate their phones from the rest of the pack, albeit in minor cosmetic ways.

    Until Nokia start to pump out the cheapo handsets, comparisons betweeen phones will be pretty much a horse of a different colour.