Many Android owners plan exodus to the iPhone (survey)

Many Android owners plan exodus to the iPhone (survey)

Summary: A survey suggests that Android owners are 2.4 times more likely to switch to the iPhone than vice versa, which could mean that the iPhone 5 could encourage be big switch over to iOS.


An online survey of 600 smartphone owners by research firm Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) suggests that a significant number of Android owners are planning to jump ship and buy an iPhone over the next 6 months.

Of the 40 percent that admitted to owning an Android, 22 percent said they were going to make the switch to the iPhone within the next 6 months, while 73 percent were going to buy a new Android handset.

iPhone users it seems are a lot more loyal. Of the 23 percent that owned up to owning an iPhone, only 9 percent said they were planning to defect to Android, while 87 percent were going to buy another iPhone during the next 6 months.

Overall, Android owners are 2.4 times more likely to switch to the iPhone than vice versa.

The findings of this survey tie in well with a larger survey carried out by Techbargains, the results of which were published earlier this month.

Buried in the data is bad news for Microsoft and RIM. Data from the survey suggests that neither company is going to do well over the next six months, with RIM's BlackBerry platform feeling the biggest squeeze. Based on the data it seems like the mobile platform race continues to be dominated by two players -- Android and iOS.

For those who like to dig through the raw data, AYTM has published it here.

Earlier this week Apple revealed that it had sold 5 million iPhone 5 handsets during the first three days of them being available, and some analysts suggested that this figure could have been higher had the company not suffered from screen shortages.

Image source: AYTM.

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  • Too bad your not good with graphics, Adrian. I had a mental image of

    Jason Perlow dressed up as Moses leading his poor, oppressed and fragmented fellow Android brethren to the promised iOS land of flowing apps and honey. Or was that a nightmare. I'm not sure.
    • Lol.

      you made my day with your Jason Perlow as Moses. :D
      Ram U
    • Robe and Long Flowing Beard Visual

      This for the morning laugh!!!
      • Let's have some more fun with this, rhonin and Rama.

        Picture our Jason in his Florida computer den. All at once, Jason is struck with a heavenly revelation and is overcome with the joy and majesty of that vision. For forty days and forty nights, Jason remains in his den, hair and beard growing long and full, attempting to record images of wonder and beauty upon his faithful iPad 3 tablet.

        Finally, he comes out of his den, clothes himself in his favorite multi-colored bath robe, takes his walking stick in hand and begins to lead his faithful flock on foot to the promised land of Cupertino, CA.

        For forty years, the faithful wander in the desolation of Toledo, OH, until, on one faithful day, Jason gazes upon the the shining glass surfaces of the "Mothership" Apple Headquarters.

        Suddenly, a deep and commanding voice is heard over the PA system. "Look upon the Promised Land, Jason. You have lead your flock to the land of flowing apps. At long last, they may find peace and happiness with regular iOS updates." Jason is overcome with joy and tears flow down his ruby cheeks.

        But because of his past sins and flirtations with the stolen heathen Android product, he is fated to remain outside those hallowed lands for he then hears what he has dreaded all those long years on western path.

        "But you, Jason Perlow, may not enter the Promised Land. For look down upon thy iPad tablet. It is not supported by the latest iOS upgrade."

        Oh, fate can be cruel sometimes. Sorry, Jason. Grin!
  • Not one of the "2.4"


    While I do plan on getting a new phone when my contract comes up for renewal, I'm not getting an iPhone. I'm either upgrading to the next new Razzr, or getting a Windows 8 Phone.
    • I am!

      After 2 years with Android's slow performance, buggy OS and upgrade abandonment I can't wait to get into a cell phone that just works and works well. Hello iPhone5
  • Really depends on the device...

    If you're "Android" is a crapy ZTE lag-phone with A2.3 on it... yeah... probably a good call. If you're using a Nexus, SII or SIII, X, or similar... I doubt it.

    Also finding, from my own little survey of friends, family, and co-workers, that users with older iDevices that run slow and have battery issues because of the latest updates (or now, that have a 1st gen iPad and no iOS6 support), that they are considering other options. Interesting that, of those, a few know about the Lumia and think they might go that way.

    I myself have a 4S, and after doing the 3GS -> 4 -> 4S tango, will certainly be considering a Nexus2 or S4 in my near future.

    600 people is NOT a sample size I'd like to put out there as fact though.
    • What if your android is a crappy laggy galaxy 3 with quad core?

      Because the quad core still has more noticable lag than a single core 1Ghz WP. And thats a sad reflection on the poor quality of the android code.
      Johnny Vegas
      • and yet

        I'll still take a little lag over an eyesore. I know a lot of people like the looks of WP, but they're a vocal minority.
        • Unlike you ..... I don't compromise

          I don't take neither lagging or eyesore. It would only take a few days before I start hating the device.
      • LOL?

        No. It's called turning your animation scale down for your "lag" if that's even what you're talking about really. Any tech geek worth his salt knows Android runs better on dual core and always has BUT the quad-core S3 is the faster of the two versions. All those benchmarks must be wrong. Single core WP. lmao
  • WTH

    So 40 percent of the survey "admitted" to owning Android. That's telling right there. How is this journalism? Where's the objectivity? You're making it sound like owning an Android phone is like being a closeted pedophile or someone who smokes crack.

    On top of that, as mentioned above, 600 people is a horrible sample size, especially when you do the survey outside an Apple store.

    I own a Samsung Galaxy S3, and I am not switching to an iPhone...
    • Android dev community has me hooked.

      I'm on a Galaxy Nexus and would never imagine switching to iOS. Android's open source and the best developer community will keep me around for a long time. The typical fragmentation argument is a non-issue for me. Everything an iPhone can do, my Nexus can do and then go above and beyond. GNex Rooted/ROMed running AOKP JB Build 3.
      Ryan Schmitt
    • It's Another Adrian OMG Moment

      We get these from him periodically.
      Always the same.
      Have yet to see his prognostications show any sign of accuracy.
    • MrSmith317 .. basic statistics really

      600 staffers / paid Apple respondents / paid advertising partners for Apple (a la ZDNet), do not, a balanced, accurate representation of the greater demographic make. But what it does show is blatant, shameless prostitutioning (at the feet of advertising clientele) and the total absence of journalistic skill, ethics and independence on the part of ZDNet.

      ... given that, i suppose in the RDF, zombified minds of its hapless victims (cases in point: Perlow, Morgenstern & Kingsley-Hughes), yeah they really do believe their own fantastical claims.
  • I Guess

    Im the opposite. I went from iPhone 4 on AT&T To Galaxy S II running Jellybean. The custom ROM scene keeps older devices alive for a long time whete iOS strips or kills support devices (iPad 1 anyone?) Also first hands, The Galaxy S II looks nothing like the iPhone and the lawsuit pushed me away from Apple.
  • In the next SIX months?

    Not now, with the new iPhone? And why?
    And, besides, it seems strange to me that I read an almost identical survey weeks ago, predicting this mass exodus at the debut of the new iPhone.
    Now the Android armageddon is postponed by some months?
    • Just a hunch, but contracts?

      Whether Android, iPhone or something else, I suspect the majority of people wait until they're eligible for an upgrade prior to replacing their phones.
  • Make a survey

    How about making the same survey here, on ZDNet?
  • 600?

    600 is not a legitimate sample size for a single country's smartphone market let alone a global one. E.g. Pew Internet & American Life Project survey of 3000 people suggests 45% of Americans own smartphones (i.e. 55% don't, which is significantly different to the 27% mentioned here).
    Also, it's strange to see 100% of the respondents say they will buy a smartphone in the next 6 months! Extrapolating, the entire US population will be equipped with smartphones soon!

    There must be a better survey out there somewhere?

    My contract is expiring early next year, it will be great to see what's available to upgrade to them. Iphone, S3, Nokia ... choice is great.