Map compares broadband quality in the UK

Map compares broadband quality in the UK

Summary: Ofcom has published an interactive map demonstrating the speed and quality of fixed broadband connectivity, as well as broadband take-up, around the UK


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  • Map showing broadband slower than 2Mbps

    This overlay shows how many people in each area receive broadband speeds of less than 2Mbps.

    Green shows areas where fewer than five percent of premises get such slow speeds; blue represents five to nine percent; orange 10-14 percent; purple 15-19 percent; and red 20 percent or more.

    Edinburgh and Bristol are the only parts marked in green. In those cities, just 4.5 percent of households or businesses have broadband connections with modem sync speeds slower than 2Mbps.

    Edinburgh also has the fastest average maximum speeds on its ADSL and cable networks, at 10.1Mbps. Bristol follows with 9.9Mbps.

    Screenshot: David Meyer

  • Ofcom map showing super-fast broadband availability

    This map shows the availability of super-fast broadband, covering Virgin Media cable, OpenReach fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) and Digital Region networks.

    Here green is used for places with 90-percent availability or more, and Northern Ireland is a clear winner. Blue is 70-89 percent, orange is 50-69 percent, purple is 30-49 percent and red is less than 30 percent.

    Ofcom classifies super-fast connections as offering more than 24Mbps.

    Screenshot: David Meyer

  • Ofcom map showing modem sync speed

    Finally, Ofcom's map shows modem sync speed. This is the speed at which the customer's modem communicates with their ISP's equipment at the exchange.

    In this case, green represents 16Mbps or more, blue 10-15Mbps, orange 8-9Mbps, purple 6-7Mbps and red below 6Mbps.

    Screenshot: David Meyer

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