MapR Technologies' M7 improves Apache Hadoop

MapR Technologies' M7 improves Apache Hadoop

Summary: MapR Technologies is pushing to make Big Data solutions live up to its promise of helping organizations move decision-making from a seat-of-the-pants exercise to a systematic and repeatable process. The company's M7 improves Apache Hadoop's performance, reliability, integration and ease of use

TOPICS: Big Data

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Big Data is an outgrowth of high performance and technical computing architectures. It offers promise of helping organizations make better decisions based upon real data. MapR appears to be helping move Hadoop from the realm of being a computer science project to being a useful tool for organizations needing this type of insight.

MapR's M7 addresses some of the challenges the Hadoop family of software projects impose on users by increasing levels of integration, improving performance, improving reliability and simplifying Hadoop.

While not the only player pushing Hadoop into the enterprise, MapR has a track record of making the technology better. The competition, which includes suppliers such as EMC Greenplumb and IBM, is also moving to make Hadoop more accessible to organizations. MapR needs to demonstrate why their approach is better. I believe if organizations take the time to learn what MapR is doing, they will be impressed.

Note: MapR informed me that EMC is an OEM partner.  They license MapR as their Hadoop distribution platform for Greenplum MR.

Note: MapR Technologies is a Kusnetzky Group client.

Topic: Big Data


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