Marvell, SanDisk partner on storage microservers

Marvell, SanDisk partner on storage microservers

Summary: In the enterprise, everyone has gone mad for flash storage. Marvell and SanDisk are the latest to take the leap.

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Semiconductor maker Marvell and flash memory firm SanDisk announced this morning that they are working together on microservers for enterprise cloud storage.

 The idea is to combine Marvell's ARM reference design with SanDisk's SATA SSD modules in a single package. The companies say the resulting product -- which pairs Marvell's Armada XP mult-core processors with SanDisk's SATA X100 SSDs, specifically -- offers high performance, low power and "extreme spatial efficiency" to handle I/O-intensive tasks.

If that means nothing to you, know this: technology companies left and right are jumping into the solid-state drive-based storage market. (See earlier: NetApp, partner on flash storage.) Enterprises and datacenters seek greater efficiency and scale at a lower cost and they're increasingly finding it in flash storage, which offers greater performance, higher density, cooler temperatures, less noise and less electricity draw than hard disk drives.

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