Master Gmail with these simple tips

Master Gmail with these simple tips

Summary: Here are some of the cool Gmail features that I use daily to help me get the most from the service.

TOPICS: Software, Google

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Topics: Software, Google

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  • Outlook is light years ahead.

    Why bother with Gmail!
    • Its ones choice

      to choose the tools they use.
      • #1 tip: Do not use $croogle email

        For your own privacy sake.
        • What privacy was taken from you?

        • "privacy sake"

          If you REALLY worry about privacy to that degree, you wouldn't use the internet at all.

          But if you are saying that just to show your loyalty to Microshaft's dirty tricks & lies campaign ... don't you think it's time to grow up?
    • "Your Favourite Band Sucks"

      as The Onion reminded us all those years ago.
      Get over it. :)
    • "Outlook is light years ahead."


      Just as we thought.
    • Owl:Net The Troll but less brains than SF....

      nuf' said.
  • Outlook is better

    Just looking at those screen shots takes me back to Windows XP era. Not only is outlook more modern it is far more user friendly and supported across more platforms. Most of the google utilities are now proprietary and only available on certain platforms like Android. Why the heck is google being so introverted lately?
    Sean Foley
    • Twaddle, lies and more twaddle.

      Take a look at gmail, for once, and cite examples of
      (a) outlook being more user friendly
      (b) Outlook supported across more platforms
      (c) "Most" of Google utilities only available on Android.

      Facts are so much better than lies.
    • SF The Professional Troll....

      nuf' said.
  • Gmail is far superior

    As one who often has had to help people with their Hotmail - now - accounts, I can only wholeheartedly agree with Adrian. For simplicity, user-friendliness, and not least, reliability, Gmail wins hands down. That the NSA does a back of everything applies to both services, and therefore does not enter into this calculation....

    • This is a very good comment

      I absolutely agree. Instead of just dismissing an app, it would be kind if some of these guys would actually do side-by-side comparisons.

      Besides, these are very subjective arguments. Some people are happy with one thing while others like another. I'm a Gmail fan.
      Robert Christopulos
  • Preveiw Panes is my favorite

    Outlook was required at work but I use GMail at home. The one thing I missed from Outlook was the ability to preview my email without opening it. But just a few weeks ago I discovered it in Labs. Works great.
  • only one of those i didnt know about

    I really like the + and . feature you stated at the end, i didn't know about it til just now but that just opened up a whole new avenue for some of my accounts and filtering. I use outlook at work and gmail at home, but i wish i could just use gmail at work as well since im so used to having all of my filters that just run.
  • Email Games

    For years I used the Firefox email and liked it, though I also tried Outlook and didn't like it. Then I got into Google/Android/etc. and started using Gmail. Really like it.
    I always have two email accounts for a variety of reasons, and the other one is YahooMail. Hate that one, but too tied into it to kill it. That day is coming, however...
    • Yahoo Mail

      It used to be that to forward your Yahoo mail to another account you had to have the premium version. Not so any longer. I have all my Yahoo mail automatically forwarded to my Gmail. Works great, plus I don't have to "lose" my Yahoo email address as I've been using it since 1997.
  • Undo Send

    I can't tell you how many times Undo Send has saved my ass after I noticed a typo immediately after clicking Send.
  • Where, oh where, oh where is....

    Senior editorial and managerial staff: Where is the link for 'View as one page' or similar option for this 'Slide Show' article?
    I have bee asking you this for years and years and years Ad-nauseam. PLEASE !!!!
    Leo Regulus