Mavericks issues reported with Thunderbolt storage, eSATA cards

Mavericks issues reported with Thunderbolt storage, eSATA cards

Summary: The growing pains continue with OS X Mavericks as upgraders report problems with external Thunderbolt storage and eSATA cards on certain, but not all, MacBook Pro models.


Following upgrades to the just-released OS X Mavericks, owners are reporting what appear to be driver issues with Thunderbolt drives and arrays, as well as eSATA cards on particular MacBook Pro models.

A recent post at the Accelerate Your Mac blog delivered a message from a FirmTek representative about Mavericks compatibility with its eSATA ExpressCard.

"Mavericks 10.9 (13A603) doesn't fully support 17" 2010 MacBook Pro ExpressCard Slot.

Mike, FirmTek testing has discovered if the release version of Mac OS X 10.9 (13A603) is installed on a 17" 2010 MacBook Pro model MacBookPro6,1, and an eSATA card is inserted into the ExpressCard slot - no hard drives will mount using the card. The proper drivers can be installed but with this particular model the hard drives will not mount or show up in Disk Utility with OS X 10.9. FirmTek suggests 2010 17" MacBook Pro users that rely on the ExpressCard slot should not upgrade to OS X 10.9 until this issue is resolved. If anyone observes a different result please let us know."

The post continues with further information about the bug.

Meanwhile, Thunderbolt issues with Mavericks are cropping up with a number of vendors.

In a post on the Western Digital community site, the company warned customers of its drives and arrays to forestall upgrading to Macericks.

There are reports of Western Digital and other external HDD products experiencing data loss when updating to Apple's OS X Mavericks (10.9). Western Digital is urgently investigating these reports and the possible connection to the WD Drive Manager, WD Raid Manager and WD SmartWare software applications.

Until the issue is understood and the cause identified, WD strongly urges our customers to uninstall these software applications on their systems before updating to OS X Mavericks (10.9), or delay upgrading. If you have already upgraded to Mavericks, WD recommends that you remove these applications and restart your computer. WD has removed these software applications from our web site solely as a precaution as we investigate this issue.

A number of users of Promise Technology's Pegasus R4 arrays have also reported issues. In an Apple Support Communities discussion, Bosto suggests that an incompatible driver or handler is "puzzling over" the array.

Agreed. We have a small network of iMacs, all with Promise Pegsus R4's. And, three of us bought identical units for home (it is much easier to use mirror-like systems). The iMacs are loaded, and have 3 27" Thunderbolt monitors as well, and in addition have 3 TB USB drives too. Everything worked flawlessly for over a year on all systems then we did a universal (except for my home iMac) update to Maverick. The R4's on everything Maverick went south in a casacde and we've tried everything suggested by numerous threads here, and NO help at all from promise or Apple (except for these community threads).

So: 1) it is NOT the iMac. 2) the R4's worked fine BEFORE Maverick for a year or more - no issues at all.

Again: There's no rush to upgrade to OS X Mavericks (even though it's free and it's a great temptation), and professional customers running any Thunderbolt or eSATA card in their workflows should wait until a maintenance release fixes this issues.

And if you decide to upgrade, make sure that your system is backed up, but also it must be cloned to an external drive so that you can immediately revert to your previous workflow if (or when) you encounter serious problems.

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  • I was wise to wait

    I guess I will be waiting a while more...
    • Or...

      It's probably wiser to buy your storage from suppliers with decent support.

      These guys have had Mavericks to test and fix their drivers for 6 months.

      But they choose to wait and let the customers test them.

      You know which storage systems not to buy next time.
      Henry 3 Dogg
  • It. Just. Works.

    Keep telling yourselves this boys and girls.
    • 8.1

      And windows 8 is so perfect that's why we have win 8.1 now ? Please
      • Your point?

        I assume there was something of substance you were trying to say but failed to do?
    • It does

      Mavericks works just fine.

      It's badly supported third party drives that are the problem.
      Henry 3 Dogg
  • The upgrade has been worth every penny

    $40 would have definitely been too much.
  • wtf

    Maverick has been out for months. What were those vendors thinking? It is their drivers for their hardware... Who else was supposed to make whatever compatibility changes might have been necessary? Especially if it "breaks immediately". And they "need to figure it out"?

    I have plenty of third party drivers for much "less known" peripherals and they all, without exception work in Maverick. Something I truly did not expect. So the sky is not exactly failing..

    P.s. The usual Microsoft bots are all over again :)
    • The only thing the MS fanboys have to celebrate

      Is other people's misery. Win 8 is the worst joke perpetrated on them since vista; you know, "The wow starts now", but it never did!
      • Errr

        Only an Apple fanbois would add Microsoft into the mix.
    • I don't recall hearing this from Apple fanbois when...

      ...Vista was released.

      "The usual Microsoft bots are all over again :)"

      Where? I didn't see any. Were their posts removed?
      • Well you for one.

        Henry 3 Dogg
    • Not vendor

      it sounds like, at least the Express Card problem is down to the Express Card slot drivers, not the drivers for the inserted card, that are causing the problems.

      The other thing is, were they working in the previews? Did Apple release new drivers at the last minute which have broken things? They have done that in the past on more than one occasion - even with their own hardware; I remember having problems with Leopard on my iMac because the video drivers were messed up in the release version.

      The other thing is some of these problems are cropping up with specific models. If the vendors don't have every single hardware combination that Apple ever released to test on, then things like this will crop up when the software goes live and more combinations of hardware and software are being used in the wild.
      • not buying this

        The ExpressCard issue is apparently missing drivers, not incompatibility. Should be trivial to fix by just reinstalling the drivers.

        The Thunderbolt issue is more "confusing" in that so far it is just finger pointing. Considering Thunderbolt is just transparent PCIe bridge, it does not make much sense.

        And WD software... is just crap. Unless you require things such as encrypting your drive, you are better to *not* install it, ever. That stuff even tries to attach to my smarten over USB, then fails because there is apparently no mass storage there.
        • Try reading again...

          The article states it is just WD. But WD has responded [at least partially] to the problem.
          If it worked before the upgrade but not after, it is Apple's quality control/testing. Did they give hardware manufacturers enough time to release updated drivers?
          • I guess your non technical

            "If it worked before the upgrade but not after, it is Apple's quality control/testing."

            Nonsense. It generally means that the failing software is making assumptions about things which are not defined by the API but which were the case at the previous revision.

            It isn't Apples job to test every third party system and change the OS to make it work.

            That's why they provide prerelease OS versions to the device vendors many months before FCS. It's the vendors job to validate and fix, their systems on the new OS version.

            Now if you believe that they've found and reported bugs in the OS, then what are the bug IDs? Otherwise it's their problem.
            Henry 3 Dogg
  • Early adopters beware

    I am surprised that so many who rely heavily on their Mac's update so early? If you need your Mac for any kind of important work, why are you a early adopter? Most enterprise take months to implement a major update to a OS no matter if its OS X, Windows or something else. I have learned that Apple supports Apple and not much else. They do not do a very detailed beta testing on third party hardware or software. They really do not. Some just keep making the same mistakes over and over on rapid adoption.
    • Don't be

      "I am surprised that so many who rely heavily on their Mac's update so early?"

      Don't be.

      Updating MacOS blind on day one is vastly safer that updating Windows 4 years late after millions have tested the route.

      That's just how it is.
      Henry 3 Dogg
    • Here we go again

      "... I have learned that Apple supports Apple and not much else...."

      Whereas Microsoft don't even test with their own software.

      Going from NT4 to Windows 2000, the last time I trusted MS, they uselessly reported hundreds of applications that might not work (but did), on Windows 2000.

      But what they didn't report was that their own software raid, standard in NT Pro, had been dropped from 2000 Pro.

      Not a word about the fact that MS' own system wasn't going to boot because it wouldn't be able to read its own disks.

      One needs a reference for comparison and the reference we all have is Windows.

      So yes, OSX just works.
      Henry 3 Dogg
  • Re: Mavericks issues reported with Thunderbolt storage....

    It is inevitable issues are going to arise with a new release whether it is the fault of Apple or not. But lets cut to the chase.
    Mavericks or Mountain Lion issues have been relatively rare in comparison to other platforms. However (fanbois) although I do not like the term will inevitably jump at the first opportunity to knock OS X or Apple product.