May's Patch Tuesday to fix two critical flaws in Internet Explorer

May's Patch Tuesday to fix two critical flaws in Internet Explorer

Summary: This coming Tuesday, Microsoft will issue fixes for 33 vulnerabilities in total, including two critical flaws relating to Internet Explorer, affecting all versions of Windows.


Next week, Microsoft will patch 33 vulnerabilities in 10 bulletins relating to Internet Explorer, with two bulletins rated "critical."

While few details are given about the security issues, today's advanced security bulletin outlined flaws in a range of other products, including Microsoft Office, .NET Framework, Microsoft Lync, and Windows Essentials.

Bulletin 1 relates to all versions of Internet Explorer 6 to 10, including Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. A patch will be released to fix issues discovered at two security conferences earlier this year.

Bulletin 2 relates to the recent Internet Explorer 8 zero-day flaw designed to target U.S. government workers. The software giant said it was "working" to have a full patch ready for a critical zero-day flaw for Internet Explorer 8, in which the company issued an emergency out-of-band "Fix It" patch on Thursday.

The other eight bulletins are considered "important."

The remaining eight patches will address flaws that range from denial-of-service errors that can cause Windows to crash, to remote code exectution issues in Microsoft Office and Lync, an elevation of privileges that would allow an attacker to gain additional rights to the affected system, and information disclosure issues relating to Windows Essentials 2011 and 2012.

Included with the security patches, we can expect Microsoft to issue a number of non-security related fixes to its Surface Pro and Surface RT tablets, in line with previous months.

According to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, the company has delivered 739 updates for Windows 8 and Windows RT in the nearly seven month period since the two versions were launched in October. These fixes included battery life improvements to additional driver support.

The security fixes will be released on May 14 through the usual update channels, such as Windows and Microsoft Update.

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  • I like these updates.

    It's nice to see that Windows 8 is getting plenty of support.

    I'm hoping that MS delivers the Wacom drivers on-air, rather than via manual installation.
    • It's nice to see .............................

      ForeverCookie , = W_nker
      Mailie Marshalls
  • May's Patch Tuesday to fix two critical flaws in Internet Explorer

    Kudos to Microsoft.
  • Kudos to Loverock Davidson for giving KUDOS to Microsoft

    Loverock you were probably overcome with excitement when you wrote that beloved post in support of Microsoft.

    Were you waving any pom poms? or were you just all giddy with excitement?
    Over and Out
    • No

      But he had to change his shorts.
  • Who could possibly love the windows updates?

    Every update requires a significant amount of my computer time, requires a reboot, and if you dont reboot you cant do other maintenance. Most of the time the update does not go well and I have to try and try to get it to work by disabling my antivirus and other startup programs. And after all that, it is guaranteed that my computer will run slower than it did before the update. Windows 8 to regular PC users has been a failure from the beginning and updates are nothing to Kudos about because after the update we still have Windows 8.
    Jeffrey Penfield
    • Cleary there is something wrong with your computer

      Clearly there is something wrong with your computer, if any of what you say is even partially true. For 99% of us, Microsoft Updates install without issue and without any special efforts, such as disabling anti-virus, etc.

      Perhaps it would be helpful to learn how to use a computer, or perhaps hire someone to help you if using a computer is too difficult for you.

      • Cleary you work for MS or just thick

        Windows 8 SUCKS !! Epic fail int the PC market _Full Stop
        Designed for Internet kiddies, not for people in the real world that have real jobs and work for a living

        Get a real job "rick@...the dick"
        PS - Watching youtube and updating your facebook is not considered a "real job"
        Mailie Marshalls
    • Really?

      I've yet to see an operating system that did not require patching or security updates from time to time. I run Windows, MacOS, Linux and OpenBSD.

      However, if you are so smart feel free to create a new OS that will not need updates. I'm sure you will be the richest man in the world.
      Paul Kell
      • Someone did create the Ultimate Computer, but ...

        Back in the day when people didn't know about drugs and alcohol, the mind worked fine. It would remember stuff for a very long time. Then someone found a way to gat back at another by changing things around. Later, someone invented writing, paper, pencils and pens that needed to be updated; sharper pencils, more paper and ink for pens. Then the computer came along to help simplify things. So we get updates. It's either that or write it down OR remember it. Life is simple!
        David Nesbitt
    • Agreeing w/ J.Penfield

      I have to agree w/ you and the innumerable others, wholeheartedly! Who receives "Kudos" for providing seriously faulted products from the jump-street other than Obama? The best Gates has ever done is put-out an adumbration of an Apple-type, far-less troublesome, computer/operating system. And believe me folks, if i could swing for an Apple i would have been using one about 6-7 months after i learned(the hard way of course) just how unreliable these darn PC's have been, and invariably will more-than-likely always be. And if i may inveigh one last protest... windows 8 is just more of the same. Just watch and see.
      With all the calm repose i can muster at this juncture, i want to THANK YOU there Jeffrey for being the initial "Insightful One" and bringing the TRUTH to the forefront before any more 'dain-bramage' is done to the general populace! Keep up the good work Mr. Penfield!
  • Poor guy!

    You must be using third party anti-virus! I have never had a problem with Windows 8. It is the best OS out there!
    • I have never had a problem with Windows 8_but I don't have a real job yet

      dhjohns@..., Been using Windows 8 for all of 3 months have you ?? - WOW

      """""It is the best OS out there!""""""' and you established this in 90 days ???

      Do you homework - OEM's blame MS for 30% drop in sales for 1st quarter 2013 .........
      massive resistance to Win 8 _nytimes business/finance

      Shoppers scramble for last of the Win 7 Notebooks... - The Wall Street Journal
      Microsoft's Windows 7 Retail Packs unavailable... - Finance Week
      Microsoft refuses Windows 7 volume licence to OEM's....
      Microsoft pressured to add feature to turn off METRO UI in first Win 8 service
      Pirate sites report Win 7 most popular download, up by x 1500% ...TheUnderground.../.....
      Retail stores charging up to 400% more for Windows 7 Retail ...

      Get it straight - In the real world consumers/user's need an OS not a "Toy with Charms " for this we have our smart phones.
      Mailie Marshalls
  • Internet Explorer flaw?

    Odd, mine downloaded Firefox just fine. Isn't that all it needs to do?
    Han Rasmussen
    • Right on!

      Exactly! That's the best use of IE.
      • WRITE-ON!

        Exactly, i also thought that was what IE was created for! That's so darn funny. THANKS.
  • enough patches

    after all these years, we would be done with patches
    Eddy Boy
    • Never done, but maybe fewer and more far-between critical ones.

      Yet here we are, yet *another* Patch Tuesday that has a critical IE patch affecting all versions back to IE6...

      And what are the odds that next Patch Tuesday will too?
  • Patches, Patches

    Microsoft has ALWAYS made every REASONABLE effort to maintain it's programs and protect its users.
    • Patches, Patches ....To fix crap code

      "Window Dressing" for the "Sheeple" who don't understand or know any better.
      Mailie Marshalls