McAfee intros single sign-on, one-time password controls for cloud

McAfee intros single sign-on, one-time password controls for cloud

Summary: McAfee is repackaging some Intel products with a new twist for identity and access management.


McAfee is sprucing up its cloud security portfolio with a couple of products from its parent company, Intel.

For starters, Intel is adding single sign-on and one-time password solutions that were previously sold and developed by Intel to its portfolio.

Reintroduced as the SaaS-based McAfee Single Sign On solution, the feature includes unlimited SSO connectors, built-in multi-factor authetnication, hybrid deployments (i.e. on-premise, SaaS or both), and 24-hour customer support. Pricing ranges from $1 to $5 per user based on the number of users/seats.

The McAfee One Time Password option promises businesses with a scalable architecture that will deliver one-time passwords to mobile devices, PCs, or a third-party token via SMS and/or instant chat messages.

The antivirus detector giant is also adding a brand new product, dubbed the McAfee Identity Center of Expertise, which will be staffed by cloud security and identity experts to offer technical support and advice about best practices.

Topics: Security, Cloud, Enterprise Software, Privacy, Enterprise 2.0

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  • McAfee intros single sign-on, one-time password controls for cloud

    do not use mcafee they lied to me a lot of times they watch what you do all the time and their program does not keep you safe i will never buy mcafee again they lock you out of your computer and they stop your programs from running right so they can kiss my butt
    • A different perspective

      And then there are those of us who manage several thousand users who find McAfee to be a useful tool. Improving mobile device authentication and security is a good thing for many.