McAfee to acquire Sentrigo for database security

McAfee to acquire Sentrigo for database security

Summary: Intel's McAfee has announced it will acquire Sentrigo, which builds database and monitoring software and currently has a database partnership with the company

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McAfee has announced it will acquire Sentrigo, which builds database access and monitoring software, a move that allows McAfee to extend its branded security veil to the enterprise database.

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The companies already offer database products together, under an original equipment manufacturer agreement that allows Sentrigo to offer McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases, McAfee Database Activity Monitoring and McAfee Integrity Monitoring for Databases.

The acquisition, announced on Wednesday, allows McAfee to lock up the relationship and should give it the flexibility to expand deeper into database security. Following the acquisition, McAfee will be able to integrate Sentrigo's database security technology into its ePolicy Orchestrator software, allowing for complete management from a single platform, said Bill Brenner of

McAfee has traditionally focused on securing endpoints, networks, email and web access, but the company, which was acquired by Intel in 2010, recognises the shift of data and threats to central points of storage and access.

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