Meet the Sleep Number x12: When beds meet algorithms

Meet the Sleep Number x12: When beds meet algorithms

Summary: Yes kids you can have a tech savvy bed that will monitor your sleep and track trends. All it'll cost you is $7,999 to quantify your sleep.


What happens when the quantified self and the penchant to drop algorithms and technology into every product come together: You get a bed that'll run you $7,999, but monitor how you sleep and suggest ways to improve.

Enter the Sleep Number x12 bed, which is billed as the "the most technologically advanced bed in the world." The x12 was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Armed with technology called SleepIQ, Sleep Number will track the average breathing rate, movement and heart rate as you sleep. The company then takes that data and uses an algorithm to assess the quality of sleep for each sleeper.

Over time, SleepIQ finds trends and tells customers what settings they need to sleep most effectively. There's also a journal feature to track exercise and TV watching. Sleep Number said that its smart bed was developed with BAM Labs, which develops healthcare monitoring technology.

sleep number

Sleep Number said the x12 will be available in pilot markets in February and then nationwide.

The company is positioning itself in the middle of the wearable technology and monitoring boom at CES where the likes of Freescale, Nuance and consumer electronics players such as LG all have a wearable technology play of some sort.

Sleep Number emphasized repeatedly that its technology is proprietary, but you have to wonder how long any competitive advantage will last. How long before we're bringing Android, Google, iOS and a bevy of wearable tracking devices to bed with us to coach our sleep? Can in-bed app stores be too far behind? 

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  • Just one more...

    ...P.T. Barnum moment...for people with more money than brains.
  • Hmmmmmm......

    As my bubbie of blessed memory would have probably said ..... " Oy Gevalt" >; (
  • Sleep Number is the best but...

    We'll just consider this a glimpse into the far future of what the average joe can get with his money. That being said, I spent $2500 on a sleep number bed seven years ago. After repeated saggy-trough-forming mattress experiences, I can safely say that the sleep number is one of the best investments I've ever made. Still no sag, no leaks, and my back has never been happier.

    TL;DR Sleep number makes awesome beds that are actually worth the money, but this is clearly an overpriced toy for the money-to-burn crowd.