Meet the Steamboxes (Gallery)

Meet the Steamboxes (Gallery)

Summary: More than a dozen vendors have announced that they've joined forces with Valve to produce Linux SteamOS-powered PCs and gaming consoles. Here their first wave of devices.

TOPICS: Hardware, Linux

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  • Alienware

    The Alienware Steam machine  is powered by an Intel Core i5 4570, an NVIDIA GTX 760 GPU, 16GBs of RAM and up to 1TB of storage, using a hybrid hard drive and solid state drive (SSD). This boxy device will sell for $1,339 and be available in mid-2014.

  • Alienware/Valve Controller

    Dell's Alienware will be using Valve's new gaming controller, but other vendors will be using different designs. No matter the controller, you should be able to any of them with any other Steam Machine.

Topics: Hardware, Linux

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  • Hm

    Man oh man, I cannot believe some of these systems. That gigabyte unit looks great, but Why does it have an i7 using dedicated graphics as its GPU? That doesn't make sense at all.... especially if this is a gaming system. Furthermore, why do most of them have i7s and 16GB of RAM, but have GTX 760 or worse GPU? These are gaming systems, why do OEMs not put more emphasis on the GPU. They are better off with an i5, 8GB and a 770/280X.
  • Hardware / OS fixation

    Steven's hardware / Linux fixation blinds him to what really drives the business. Games. I took a look at Steam games and was sorely disappointed. Most are cheap, for a reason.

    The real question is whether the millions of gamers out there that buy dedicated consoles will give one of the Steam consoles a second look. Without games, absolutely not.

    What games will drive this, or is it just another example of Steven pushing a failure, like normal
    • Games on Steam

      I don't know what games are you looking for. Steam has all major titles that were released for Xbox plus much more, including games that not available on consoles, Arma 2 for example. So number and quality of Steam games in not a concern. As for hardware boxes, I have my doubts. However, I totally see the benefits of making Steam games run on Linux platform ( May it be SteamOS or Ubuntu). Here is the case for that: Recently I upgraded my machine to high-end specs, including installation of 2 GeForce 780. I am running Ubuntu and bunch of Windows VMs (Windows 7/8.1/Xp), as I do development for both Windows and Linux. And I am pretty happy with my setup. BUT I have to create and keep separate Windows boot partition that I use solely to run games, including games from my big Steam library. (It did add extra Windows license cost for me). So I see Linux-based free "gaming" OS as a great Windows alternative for all of us who build our own game rigs (That we use for work, too) And high-end gamers are the driving force behind top-notch video cards and overclocked processors. We spend huge bucks on this kind of things, but I would rather spend 120 bucks to extra SSD or few games than for Windows license.
      • All major titles?

        Halo? I don't think so.

        Not to mention that the hard core gamers willing to spend $500 and up already have consoles or are in either the xBox or PS franchise.

        What blockbuster games does Steam have that will drive sales of a $500 and up platform? None that I know of, which spells disaster in the world of gaming.

        So your comments seem to be uninformed at best.
      • half life ? call of duty ? portal ? i think you're not a real gamer

        take it from a 57 yo man playing since pong
  • Linux Reviews

    Linux Reviews and Tutorials@
    Jeff Linux Turner
  • Price point is king

    It seems to me that the idea of the SteamOS box is that it is supposed to compete with other games consoles like the Xbox One and PS4. If it is not similarly priced... then how is it supposed to compete??? People buy consoles because they are cheap and perform without a lot of configuring and optimising of the games. The games just run without fuss.
    All the Steam Boxes are too high end and too expensive - why would anyone buy one of these? You'd be better off with a gaming PC and then you can use it as a full on PC as well, which runs Windows and all the apps that need Windows to run.
    Where is the SteamOS CONSOLE????