Microsoft announces next set of countries to get Surface Pro and RT

Microsoft announces next set of countries to get Surface Pro and RT

Summary: Microsoft is broadening Surface Pro and Surface RT availability, starting in late March.


Microsoft seems to still be having trouble surfacing adequate stock of its 128 GB Surface Pro PC/tablet hybrid devices, but that isn't stopping the company from pre-announcing global distribution expansion plans for the Pro  and its Surface RT sibling.


Microsoft officials announced on February 28 that Microsoft plans to expand Surface Pro distribution "in the coming months" beyond the U.S. and Canada. The next set of countries to get the Surface Pros -- starting in late March -- will be Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Microsoft is selling Surface Pros through its own brick-and-mortar and online stores here in the U.S. and Canada, as well as through Best Buy, Staples and Future Shop. Company officials have not yet said which retail stores will be carrying the Surface Pros. Microsoft has not yet opened its own stores in countries outside the U.S. and Canada.

Microsoft also plans to expand Surface RT availability to new countries "in the coming months," (also seemingly late March) including Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan. The set of retailers which will be offering the devices in these countries is not yet known. Earlier this month, Microsoft already expanded the set of countries offering the Surface RT.

Microsoft officials have not released any data regarding how many Surface RTs and/or Pros the company has sold to date. The Surface RT went on sale on October 26 through Microsoft Stores only. The Surface Pro went on sale on   February 9.

Microsoft has been having trouble keeping the 128 GB version of the Surface Pro in stock. It's not clear whether this is due to unforseen demand or supply chain problems. Microsoft officials said in mid-February that more 128 GB Surface Pros should be available to customers in the next few weeks.

I've received a couple of tips claiming that Microsoft is planning to allow some of its reseller partners start carrying the Surfaces (primarily Pro) in the coming months, but Microsoft officials have not said officially that this will be the case.

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  • In Canada, Add 'LONDON DRUGS' To The List

    I recently walked into a London Drugs - Computer Sales Centre here in Western Canada, (London Drugs is somewhat of a 'mini Walmart' with a vastly superior electronics side to it), and was immediately impressed by how they had their 'Apple' v 'Windows' display set up. As I entered, the 'i' stuff was on the left and the 'W' stuff was on the left. The 'i' display was fronted with the iPad mini/maxi display while the 'W' display had Surface R/T and Surface Pro as leads.

    On the left side of the entrance isle, there was an 'iMac' and a couple of 'MB's set up, while on the right side there were a few variants of 'W8' touch displays available for comparison as well. It was a very pleasant experience to be able to just simply turn around to 'try' it' on the other guys' system.

    Kudos to 'London Drugs' for creating a pleasant shopping experience - other retailers might want to stop in and see how it's done!

    (other than being a 'Satisfied Customer', I have no investment or am I otherwise connected to 'London Drugs')
    • Correction!

      "'W' stuff was on the left." should read; "'W' stuff was on the right."
  • Too late...

    I wanted to get the Surface Pro, but it is taking too long. I splashed out on a Samsung ATIV Atom based tablet instead.

    I'm very happy with it so far. Thinner than a Core i tablet, no fans, 10 hours battery life and it runs Office and the other applications I need on the move. Plugged into a dock with an external monitor, it also replaces my thin client at work.
    • The Samsung Ativ... an excellent choice too, and has many of the same attributes as a Surface pro, like the full Windows experience, application compatibility, peripheral support, and the hybrid tablet form factor. The Atom processor is the main difference, but if you're not doing any heavy number crunching, gaming or major graphics editing, you should not feel a difference.

      Congratulations on your new purchase - hope you enjoy it.