Microsoft CEO: Windows Phone sales will 'ramp up quickly'

Microsoft CEO: Windows Phone sales will 'ramp up quickly'

Summary: Microsoft's CEO says that Windows Phone 8 will become a strong third player in the smartphone marketplace.

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Can Microsoft's Windows Phone become a competitive player in the already concentrated smartphone market?

windows 8 smartphone competition ceo says ramp up quickly

According to Reuters, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer has said that because Windows Phone 8 will be launched with its partners -- including Nokia -- the handset is expected to become a competitive, strong third-player in the market, and sales will be fast.

At a Windows 8 operating system launch taking place in Israel, Ballmer said:

"With the work we have done with Nokia, HTC, Samsung and others ... there is now an opportunity to create really a strong third participant in the smartphone market. We're still relatively small ... I expect the volumes on Windows Phone to really ramp quickly."

The two rival players in the smartphone market are Google's Android operating system, and Apple's iOS. The iPhone, Google's Nexus and Samsung's Galaxy models are top competitors for consumer interest, and Microsoft's push into the smartphone market has been made to try and steal some of these competitor firms' marketshares.

However, Microsoft will still need to knock BlackBerry off its perch before competing with the larger guns in smartphone development. Leslie Nassar, technology director at digital agency Amnesia Razorfish, says that "outside of iOS, [Windows 8] absolutely has that most consistent, innovative, and intelligent user experience that I've seen," but Kate Carruthers, corporate IT consultant and founder of Social Innovation, sees the offering as too little too late on the tech giant's part.

Microsoft's CEO also mentioned that Microsoft plans to extend their marketing campaigns around the Windows 8 operating system, the recently-launched Surface tablet and Windows phone. The investment made in advertising is expected to be more than for any other product Microsoft has launched.

Topic: Microsoft

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  • :-D :-D

    like KIN? :-D
  • In Other News...

    ...passenger numbers on the Titanic are expected to "ramp up quickly" after 1912.
    • funny how

      this titanic continues to grow year-over-year 140% increase. What do they say? Slow and steady....

      by the way even Symbian had over 75% market share couple of years ago, easy when it is the OS on on every low end device. Wonder how they are doing now?

      Sounds familiar doesn't it? all those crap loads of low-end Android devices flooding the market...
      • Your comparision WOULD be fair

        IF Symbian death was caused by natural issues. As it happened Symbian was butchered by biggest supporter of WinP7....

        And as you may recall checking 4 big analytical houses.

        Today WinP7 is still smaller than WinM was before Nokia started to "promote and pursue" WinP7.

        Two years and they can not even beat themselfs....
        • No it wasn't. Symbians death spiral was obvious pre elop

          and there was no stopping it.
          Johnny Vegas
          • Re: Symbians death spiral was obvious pre elop

            Yet that "death spiral" is still selling more, and bringing in more profit, than Windows Phone. This in spite of nearly TWO YEARS of opportunity to progress beyond the "burning platform".
  • Empty lives

    How sad that people's lives are so empty that their "god' is a new cell phone.
  • iOS is innovative and intelligent?

    "outside of iOS, [Windows 8] absolutely has that most consistent, innovative, and intelligent user experience that I've seen"

    That's an odd quote considering iOS is by far the least innovative and unintelligent phone OS still around. It's only advantage at this point is in the quality of the applications available for it. Android and WP7 both have their strengths and both are far better OSs.

      With its UI paradigm where each and every app look different?
    • "outside of iOS, [Windows 8] absolutely has that most consistent ..."

      The quote was from someone at an advertising agency. Not where I'd normally go for technical opinions.
  • Windows Phone 8 will not compete gainst BBs they will compete against ...

    Tizen, Bada, Symbian, etc.

    Currently WinP7 is 8th player on the market. Comparing it against BlackBerry is too much of a favor.

    And we hear about "3rd ecosystem" for a long, long time.

    Imagine Samsung saying that their BadaOS will become 3rd ecosystem. No much buzz, but also not much belive.
    MS doing the same crazy statement? Oh yeah, they will succeed no doubt about that......

    Its no longer even funny. How can be industry reporters/jurnalists so blind, or stubbornly refuse to see reality?

    On the other hand it show how much PR power MS still have. They almost can bent reality with it ;) Stories about their death are exaggerated.
  • Lucky if Win phones ever see 10%

    Considering the pathetic and slow rise so far. I would say Windows phones will be lucky to ever reach 10% market share. For example I have not really heard or read anything significantly bad about Windows mobile 7.5 phones. In fact the Lumia 900 got saome rave reviews. However, shortly after its release their was a rush to discount it due to lacking sales figures. This only adds to the proof that nothing is really wrong with Windows phones except they missed the boat on opportunity to gain any real sales growth. In fact I compare Windows mobile to Linux on a PC. They are the third choice a distant third I might add. Both gain little ground against their competitors.
  • Microsoft CEO: Windows Phone sales will 'ramp up quickly'

    I have no doubts that Microsoft Windows Phone will be the great third contender the market has been looking for. Just take a look at Windows Phone and use it for 5 minutes and you will see it offers a great OS that is easy to navigate. The only problem I see with WP is that Nokia gave AT&T the exclusive for 6 months with the Lumia 920. If it was on every carrier it would easily achieve sales records and fall into that 3rd spot, possibly 2nd spot.
    Loverock Davidson-
  • Analysts

    I really wish with all these predictions that everything is doom and fail, that someone would call out these analysts and hold them accountable for their comments. Maybe then these people would actually put some thought into their comments instead of jsut trying to get mentioned. I say this for all platforms, not just Microsoft's although they seem to be the victim of the year, to fail on everything they do.
  • So quick to forget

    This is a company with $75 billion to throw at anything they choose. Unlike Zune and Kin, Windows Phone 8 will have 100% support from Microsoft, and now 100% support from the worlds major phone carriers. And unlike WP7, WP8 is launching with 120,000 more apps this time, and quality apps at that. I just wonder what the story will be a year from now if Msoft manages to ship 15, even 20% of the worlds smartphones? Those of you counting this out may want to remember Msoft usually wins out in the end.