Microsoft CIO Tony Scott resigns

Microsoft CIO Tony Scott resigns

Summary: Microsoft is now on the hunt for a new CIO after Tony Scott resigned to follow up on his own personal projects.


Microsoft CIO Tony Scott has left the Redmond-based company to pursue "personal projects". Scott had been in the position since 2008 when he replaced fired CIO Stuart Scott.

News of Tony Scott's resignation was first reported by Geekwire, after Microsoft employees were notified last week. Microsoft has since released a statement confirming Scott's resignation.

Microsoft vice-president of IT product and services management Jim Dubois will stand in as the company's CIO while a replacement is sought.

One of Scott's notable responsibilities has been in the company's movement towards the cloud, telling CEO Steve Ballmer in mid-2010 that moving 85 to 90 percent of the company's internal apps to the cloud by 2020 was one of its top priorities.

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    Over and Out
    • Sounds like you're jealous.

      If I were the CIO of one of the most successful companies in the world, I'd be happy too.

      By the way, how's Burger King treating ya?

      Did the kids steal your janitorial equipment again?
      • ForeverCookie....Yah Burger King is great, since taking over as CFO

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    • yes they do....

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  • so irrelevant

    some worker resigned in some irrelevant company.

    why is that even news?
    • because M$ is going down

      just as I predicted
      LlNUX Geek
      • LOL

        Why are you so excited? Even if MS crashes and burns, Apple will just take over and continue to B**** slap the hell out of your favorite OS in their place.
    • so irrelevant

      you felt the need to comment here. CIOs come and go this doesn't mean squat. Do you have any data to back up your bold prediction?
  • Yes it is notable

    As MSFT reimagines itself based on the evolution of technology that allows for new possibilities personnel movement becomes insightful. We are moving into a 4 dimensional reality and our thinking has to evolve accordingly. Many of these comments reveal 2 dimensional thinking, it's time to move on people.