Microsoft continues to roll out more iOS, Android app updates

Microsoft continues to roll out more iOS, Android app updates

Summary: Microsoft updated its Android version of the app, as well as its Lync clients for iPhone and iPad this week.


While many consider long-rumored (and supposedly fall 2014-bound) Microsoft's Office for iPad to be the ultimate proof that the company really plans to continue to be a cross-platform player, Microsoft is continuing to deliver updates for plenty of other products and services on non-Windows platforms.


On October 10, Microsoft rolled out a major update for its app for Android. New to the latest release is the new option to download all mail messages; the ability to search the servers for older messages; support for aliases; the option to select colored themes; and vacation replies support.

Microsoft also updated its Lync Mobile clients this week for the iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone this week. The latest updates to Lync mobile for these platforms allows users to join and participate in a Lync Meeting even without a Lync account; start an unscheduled Lync conversation (IM or video) direct from a mobile device; and invite or remove participants in a Lync meeting.

In both cases, these new updates are available from their respective app stores.

Earlier this week, Microsoft also updated its Skype apps for iOS7 and Android.

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  • Devices+Services kicking into high gear

    I expect updates for these and many more will get even more frequent in the coming months.
    Johnny Vegas
    • The irony being that the only devices using their services

      Are iOS and Android!
  • Does it still Require

    You pay a monthly fee, for Office 365? If so, the it's a No go, for launch.
    I hate trolls also
    • So far, the apps are free

      but they only work with an Office 365 account.
    • They never required a monthly fee

      I don't know where you're getting that from.
      Michael Alan Goff
    • is Free - Office 365 is a paid subscription

      If you get the Office 365 apps from an app store, then the apps are free, but accessing the services requires the subscription. is just rebranded (and spiffied up) Hotmail.
  • Is Microsoft learning?

    Maybe Microsoft is finally learning that your applications have to cross platform lines to be successful these days. Don't expect everyone to marry into one platform like having a Windows phone, PC and Surface. Apple has made this mistake and its why their Mac line never gained a lot of market share. But Apple did manage to realize iTunes would fail without Windows support. I think for Microsoft getting products like Office and on other devices can only help their cause provided they produce good products for those platforms.
    • The Microsoft Office apps have been around on the Mac longer than Windows

      Back in the "Microsoft is a software company" days, they mostly produced software for MS-DOS and then Windows, but they have always been a player in the mainstream Apple market (Apple II and Mac). Now they they are a "devices and services company" it gets a little different - the services need many clients, but how much support do you want to give to competitors' devices.
  • What about Windows Phone 8?

    Where are the Windows Phone Apps? Where are the VPN, SharePoint and SmartCard integrations for Office to make Win Phone a business platform? This should be EASY for Microsoft to do, yet they spend resources giving Office away to the competition.
  • skydrive pro app

    Just wanted to know if you've heard any rumours of a skydrive pro app for the enterprise users. Our company uses galaxy phones so having the ability to upload/access skydrive pro files would be invaluable.