Microsoft delivers August firmware updates for its Surface tablets

Microsoft delivers August firmware updates for its Surface tablets

Summary: Microsoft is making firmware updates available for Surface RT, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 3 on its August Patch Tuesday. Here's what's inside.


It's August 12, so that means Patch Tuesday. And, as is often the case, Patch Tuesday means new firmware updates for Microsoft's Surface family of tablets.


Not all of the Surfaces received firmware updates today. The ARM-based Surface RT did, as did the Intel-based Surface Pro and Surface Pro 3. (There were no firmware updates in August for Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2.)

Here's what Microsoft is making available on the Surfaces that are being updated this month, according to the Surface Update History sites:

Surface RT:

  • Surface RT UEFI (v3.31.500): Improves overall system stability.

Surface Pro:

  • Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth (v14.69.24054.176): Improves network connection stability and enables functionality on wifi networks using a hidden SSID.

Surface 2

  • No August firmware updates.

Surface Pro 2

  • No August firmware updates.

Surface Pro 3:

  • Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware (v38.4.50.0): Improved support for Surface Power Cover.
  • Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware (v3.9.250.0): Improved support for Surface Power Cover and enhancements to overall system stability.
  • Microsoft LifeCam Front (v5.20.1034.0): Improves power consumption during video chat such as Skype, supports Flash camera streaming in Internet Explorer, and improves overall functionality and stability.
  • Surface Ethernet Adapter (v8.14.0704.2014): Improved support for the gigabit Surface Ethernet Adapter.

As usual, Microsoft is making these firmware updates available on a staggered basis.

"As a result, not every Surface will receive the update at the same time, but the update will be delivered to all devices. If you have not received the update then please manually check Windows Update later," officials remind customers on the Update History site.

Today, August 12, is also the day Microsoft is making available a few minor updates to Windows 8.1. Microsoft officials are calling these the 8.1 "August updates"; some of us who've been keeping track of what's coming have been calling them "Update 2." Improved touchpad support is among those updates.

Additionally, today is the cutoff date for Windows 8.1 business users to move to Windows 8.1 Update (1). Those who do not move by today won't get the August Patch Tuesday updates or any subsequent security and bug fix updates from Microsoft.

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  • I will admit I was wrong

    I thought they had basically abandoned the RT ... and then they start doing firmware updates again.
    Michael Alan Goff
    • RT is the best

      long battery life, fast boot, it's a tablet I don't need or want x86 programs
    • Abandon RT?

      Michael Alan Goff, why would MS abandon RT? They only fairly recently launched the Surface 2. A fortnight ago I bought one for my mom (and I did not want full Windows functionality and ability to -- accidentally -- download stuff off the internet).

      I got to know it while setting it up. Looked pretty good to me. And you get full MS Office (minus some very advanced features such as macro-funtionality, which will not matter to most users).

      And Surface RTs (Surface and especially Surface 2) are on sale just about everywhere...
      • I didn't mean the OS

        I meant that I thought they had abandoned the original Surface RT.
        Michael Alan Goff
  • Pro 3 wi-fi fixes?

    I thought there would be fixes today for the Surface Pro 3 wi-fi problems with connect on wakeup. Any further word on that issue?
    diane wilson
    • Yes, absolutely

      My SP3 just updated with the Aug. 12 updates, and WiFi is definitely improved significantly.

      The performance is through the roof compared to pre-update, and I confirmed before and after with the Network Speed Test app. Before the update my fastest download speed was 19.3 Mbps. After the update I got 89.49 Mbps download.

      Also, the update fixes one of my pet peeves. Now there is an option in the trackpad options to turn off right-clicking on the track pad. So, in other words, if you turn off right-clicking on the trackpad, all single-clicks on the trackpad (anywhere on the trackpad) are left-clicks. A two-finger click anywhere on the trackpad is a right-click. Thank goodness! Before the update, if you clicked the lower-right part of the trackpad it always registered as a right-click, which is super-annoying. You have to go into the options after the update to disable right-clicking on the trackpad.
  • Surface 2

    It's unfortunate Microsoft has nothing for the Surface 2. It still has some issues with the Touch Cover and ghosts touch points. Forum was fairly active with this issue.
  • Surface 3 and Power Cover

    On the Microsoft Store web site it says the Power Cover is not compatible with Surface 3, but people who have tried it have seen that it works even though it doesn't fit very well. So now it looks like Microsoft is making firmware for this combination, which would seem to indicate official support.

    So that makes me wonder if Microsoft will soon produce a Power Cover that fits Surface 3. I also hope someone will test the battery life using the Surface 2 Power Cover on the Surface 3 after the firmware update to see what the combined life is like.
  • WiFi broke again?

    I have found that the WiFi reconnect seems to be worse than it was before. I find I am back to the point where I have to disconnect and then reconnect to get a valid connection. Anyone else seeing this?