Microsoft delivers Surface Pro 2, Surface 2 firmware updates

Microsoft delivers Surface Pro 2, Surface 2 firmware updates

Summary: Microsoft has released a handful of battery life, Miracast and other updates for its Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 tablets as part of its June Patch Tuesday.


As part of today's June 10 Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has made available firmware updates for its second-generation Intel-based Surface Pro 2 and ARM-based Surface 2 tablets.


The company didn't release any new firmware for its first-generation Surface RT or Surface Pro models today. The June updates were the first new firmware for the second-generation Surfaces to be released by the company since March 2014.

Surface Pro 2 users got a handful of updates designed to improve power/sleep functionality, BitLocker support, Miracast support and more.

Specifically, the June Surface Pro 2 firmware updates included:

  • Surface Pro UEFI (v2.4.950.0) and Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware (v24.1.50.0) updates enhance system stability with microSD products, improves compatibility with Power Cover, and increases the reliability of sleep state transitions. Surface Pro UEFI update also provides support for PXE boot with the new Surface Ethernet Adapter.

  • Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware (v2.4.350.0) update improves sleep state transitions when a Surface Cover is attached.

  • Surface Accessory Device (v2.0.287.0) update improves sleep state transitions when a Surface Cover is attached.

  • Surface Power Cover Firmware Update (v2.0.288.0) improves reliability when the Power Cover is attached to Surface and folded behind Surface.

  • HD Graphics Family (v10.18.10.3496) update improves Miracast wireless display experience and enhances display stability.

The ARM-based Surface 2 also got a handful of updates primarily meant to address similar issues around battery life and Miracast.

The list of June firmware updates for Surface 2:

  • Surface 2 UEFI (v4.21.500.0) update enhances overall system stability, including boot and reboot scenarios, compatibility with Surface Power Cover, and increased battery life when Surface 2 is not in use.

  • System Aggregator Firmware (v1.0.50500.0) update enhances the charging behavior of the Power Cover.

  • Surface Power Cover Firmware Update (v2.0.595.0) update improves battery life when using the Power Cover with Surface 2.

  • Surface Platform Power Driver (v2.0.557.0) update improves battery life when used with the Surface Power Cover.

  • Audio Driver Set (v and Display Driver Set (v This update provides enhanced support for external displays, improves the Miracast experience, and enhances the overall system stability while reducing power consumption in many scenarios.

  • Surface Accessory Device (v2.0.583.0) update enhances the experience when using a Surface Cover.

To manually install these updates, users can follow the instructions on any of the Surface Update History sites, or can wait for the updates to be installed automatically via Windows Update.

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  • display port 1.2

    is broken with surface. only works with a select few hubs and monitors.
    • Try installing the Intel Driver.

      If not, have you tried using a different cable?
  • Finally!

    Oh, how I've been waiting for this! Hope it becomes stable now.
  • Lies, I tell you!

    Everybody knows that "M$" has abandoned the original Surface and Surface 2 product lines because they're on to a newer version. You simply _must_ buy new hardware to get any of these features/fixes.


    Sorry - couldn't resist. This thread was, so far, bereft of any "balanced" opinion from the usual crowd of ABMers.
    • Re: /end_sarcasm

      Unfortunately it is quite possible there is some truth in your analogy.
      • In what alternate universe...

        ...does evidence to the contrary mean what you suggest? Is this some kind of quantum physics thing?

        Let's try this again: MS _released_ firmware updates for Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Period. Full Stop.

        On the basis of this evidence, there is no truth to your assertion. Now - if you have some contradictory evidence, please do feel free to share. Otherwise, you're just spouting platitudes.

        And it's not an analogy. Satire - yes, but not an analogy. Best not to trot out the $5 words if you're not sure of their meaning.
        • Well

          They have kind of abandoned the original RT in terms of Firmware updates.
          Michael Alan Goff
          • Based on?

            With the caveat that I don't own an RT device, a quick search doesn't appear to show any particular issues waiting for a firmware update on the RT.

            It wouldn't make sense to release a firmware update when no _firmware_ issues exist, agree?

            MS has issued no EOL announcement that I'm aware of concerning the support of Surface RT aside from the original support commitment. This doesn't mean that they will be adding further features/functionality (though they might).

            Do you own an RT device? Are you experiencing a specific firmware issue? Has MS declined to fix said issue?

            If the answer to any of those is "no", then you're not very well-qualified to make a statement about "abandonment".
          • Let's go through some things they could do

            They could finally get that fifth core working.
            They could work on the sound a little more.
            They could make it to where people who have power covers can use them with a Surface RT.
            They could fix this annoying issue where the WiFi doesn't connect instantly upon coming from sleep.
            They could tweak the sensitivity of the hardware Windows key, it doesn't wake up the device sometimes (and neither does pushing the button those times, it just doesn't wake up right sometimes).

            To say that there are no firmware issues because they're not updating the firmware is ... funny to say the least.
            Michael Alan Goff
          • Does "caveat" mean something different where you're from?

            I clearly stated that I didn't own an RT and that my awareness of firmware issues was based on a quick search.

            I did NOT state there were no firmware issues because there were no firmware updates - that would be putting effect ahead of cause.

            It is interesting that 2 of the 5 you list are enhancements (5th core & power cover), 1 is vague to the point of irrelevance (sound), and the other 2 could be attributed to physical hardware issues. I'm not saying that they're invalid complaints, just that I'm not sure they're truly applicable to the question at hand.

            So based on your rebuttal - I take it you DO have one, and you are experiencing firmware issues and MS has declined to address your issues?
  • Manual Download...?

    Is there a link to where the updates can be downloaded manually? I have a SP2 and they're not showing up in Windows Update -- a lot of other standard Windows updates did show up, just nothing Surface-related :-(
    • Same here

      Wondering if MS pulled it again?