Microsoft delivers Windows Phone 8 software development kit

Microsoft delivers Windows Phone 8 software development kit

Summary: The long-awaited Windows Phone 8 SDK is out today.That's not all Microsoft delivered at its Build developer conference on Day 1.


After a couple of delays, Microsoft finally has made available to the public the Windows Phone 8 software development kit (SDK) -- a day after launching its next-generation smartphone platform.


Microsoft made the SDK, along with a free version of Visual Studio Express 2012 and Blend 5, available to MSDN subscribers and to the public for download on October 30.

The public Windows Phone 8 SDK is available for download from Microsoft's Web site. The MSDN version of Windows Phone 8 SDK is here.

Microsoft made the announcement at its Build 2012 developer conference, which kicked off in Redmond at Microsoft headquarters, on October 30. The Day 1 keynote headliner was CEO Steve Ballmer, who actually did his own demos and accessed his own real accounts on stage as part of his address.

Ballmer announced that since Windows 8 became generally available on October 26, Microsoft has sold four million upgrade copies of the operating system. (This number doesn't include any additional sales of Windows 8 that is preloaded on new PCs.)

Ballmer and other Microsoft execs also announced coming availability of more Windows 8 apps, including a new Twitter client being developed by Twitter itself. This client will be out sometime in "the coming months," Ballmer said. Other developers who have committed to new Windows 8 apps, as announced today, include SAP, Dropbox and ESPN.

On the Windows Phone 8 front, Microsoft has angered a number of its existing phone developers by holding off on releasing publicly the SDK until so late in the development cycle. Microsoft officials had said the reason for waiting to make the SDK public was because going earlier would tip Microsoft's hand on a number of key, unannounced phone features. However, at the Windows Phone 8 launch -- which took place in San Francisco on October 29 -- Microsoft didn't release many (if any) unexpected big features that seemingly would merit the delay.

The good news is that Windows Phone 8 can run Windows Phone 7.X apps. But unless developers were among the chosen few who got early access to the SDK, they haven't been able to build apps that take advantage of the new Windows Phone 8 features, like NFC, Wallet, and multicore until today.

At Build, Microsoft and Nokia announced give-aways for the paying attendees. Those who made the trek to Redmond are getting 100 GB of SkyDrive storage for free, a 32 GB Surface RT with a touch cover and a Nokia Lumia 920.


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  • Any word on Surface sales?

    I'd love to hear how well Surface is selling... based on all the store crowds.
    • Also...

      SON OF A ***** about the attendees getting all the freebies! I'm so jealous!!!
      • ditto.

        Ram U
      • it's a joke

        they need to find a way to get these phones cheaply into developer hands. going to build events appear more for to non-technical folks and media while us hard core devs sit around watching live video feeds. bleh
        Dave Cook
    • Number of Surfaces sold

      Nope. They still won't give us an update on that yet. MJ
      Mary Jo Foley
      • If the crowds at the Dallas/Frisco popup store are an indication

        ...Surfaces must be selling well. There was apparently a 4 hour lineup all day Friday. I went there in the late afternoon on Saturday. They'd restocked after Friday, but they'd sold out of the keyboard-less version for a second day. The crowds were four deep at every station in the store.

        I went away impressed with the Surface RT, but I think I'll be buying a new phone first.
  • not for us

    ought to be an adroid SDK not windoze.
    M$ missed this opportunity to embrace the future.
    LlNUX Geek
    • oh

      someone must be paying you a lot of money for doing this. not easy.
    • Why would Microsoft make an Android SDK?

      It would be stupid.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • Seems A Bit Late

    The time to get the developers to have their products ready for your new platform launch is BEFORE the actual launch, not after. Otherwise it just looks like you gave a party and nobody came.
  • Yeah EPIC FAIL on the SDK delay when there were no features

    announced that warranted it. Ther ewas almost nothing new and certainly nothing even close to being worth trying to hide.
    Johnny Vegas
  • free Surface and Lumia....

    that will be the best pair of devices one could own... no doubts...
  • Do not forget the most importan app/application

    ESPN, SAP, etc are all great but do not forget the most important one--LEGO, which announced they would be supporting Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. This actually could be very good for windows phone and the new Kids Corner and Windows 8 with ability to create multiple profiles on a tablet. Give your child the phone and he can play a LEGO game. LEGO is now the premier toy maker in the world(and the most profitable). Their market is smart kids and techies everywhere-just the kind of people you want in your demographics.