Microsoft fixes critical Windows 8, IE10 flaws for Patch Tuesday

Microsoft fixes critical Windows 8, IE10 flaws for Patch Tuesday

Summary: Put a pot of coffee on, it's Patch Tuesday. Microsoft today released five critical patches that fix vulnerabilities in Windows 8 devices, including Surface tablets, and Internet Explorer 10.


Microsoft has released five critical security updates for Windows 8 and Windows RT in order to protect against a range of vulnerabilities identified in the recently released software.

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All in all, there are seven updates for Windows users, with five rated "critical" that could lead to remote code execution, while two are rated "important," which fix flaws that could result in the operating system's security features being bypassed.

Critical updates are generally those that could compromise the security of a device or system data, while important updates are reserved for those that could lead to an increased scope of attack by malware or hackers.

Surface RT owners will also be asked to update their tablets with the latest security patches. According to Microsoft, there are two "critical" fixes for Surface RT owners.

One of the "critical" patches will plug a security hole in Internet Explorer 10, which is found only on Windows 8 and Windows RT, which will resolve three reported vulnerabilities in the browser that could allow remote code execution on the device from "specially crafted" Web pages.

Another "critical" patch will update Microsoft's email server, Exchange, which will prevent a weakness in the server's WebReady Document Viewing feature.

Other platforms that are covered under this month's bevy of security patches include Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and the latest server offering, Windows Server 2012.

Updates are available on Windows Update, Microsoft Update, and the usual channels for Windows Server customers. 

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  • Saw the pirate pic on slider

    and thought it was about pirates. Oh well....

    Security is a good thing.
  • But, but...

    Win8 is perfect. This I know 'cause ZDNet tells me so. How can this be? Oh, the humanity.
    • Liar. Almost every MS related blog on here is negative

      You must be talking about a different site. With the exception of Ed Bott and Mary Jo Foley, every blogger on this site spends his / her days writing about how windows 8 sucks and Microsoft is destined for failure.

      Never mind the fact that every OS receives security patches. Even that one that you use that is so good.
      • You forgot Mr. Miller the

        Microsoft Evangelist too. In reality Microsoft often get a Pass on issues, because they're Microsoft. The management at ZDNet will never bite the hand that feeds them, and Microsoft spends more advertizing here than every other vendor combined.
        Troll Hunter J
        • Three positive

          The rest of the people who blog about Microsoft have nothing but bad to say about it, even when they're supposed to be blogging about Linux.

          Michael Alan Goff
  • no surprise

    so Windows 8 is not immune to patching hell.... oh well... having to constantly patch a tablet is not cool.
    • It's better

      than waiting for an updated version of android that you'll never get, unless of course you do it yourself. I prefer to get updates as they find the bugs and fix them. Not as large groups of patches.
      Sam Wagner
  • Ignoring problems?

    Would you prefer that Microsoft just dig their heads in the sand, ignore newly discovered issues and not release patches regularly like some other vendors?
  • Never Satisfied

    Clods like me won't change. I used to ask how to make Win 7 look and work like XP; now wish 8 was more like 7 ... why not resurrect XP with a few embellishments?
    • Maybe because

      Windows 7 is much better in nearly every aspect, even if you want to stick with a only desktop OS and not switch to 8.
      Sam Wagner
  • UI was developed by Sesame Street, I guess the OS was as well!!!!!!