Microsoft fixes Office 365 billing glitch

Microsoft fixes Office 365 billing glitch

Summary: Microsoft is fixing an Office 365 billing glitch that caused some users to be double billed for certain subscription services.


On May 21, a billing glitch caused some Office 365 users to see double. Double the price, that is.


I heard from a couple of individuals on Twitter today that they received automatic renewal notices from Microsoft indicating that their Office 365 subscription price next year would be double what it is currently.

Microsoft officials said that fee was in error and that Microsoft is in the midst of fixing the issue. Those affected don't have to do anything proactively to have the mistake remedied.

The full statement about the issue from a company spokesperson:

"A glitch on 5/21 caused some Office 365 customers to be double billed while purchasing select products. The issue has been mitigated for the majority of our affected customers and we are diligently working to fix any remaining incidents. No action from our customers is needed to resolve this issue, they will be automatically refunded. We sincerely apologize to our customers for any inconvenience, and are doing everything in our power to take the necessary corrective action."

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  • Boxed Software

    It's a good thing we have the web and subscription software. So much better this way....
  • The whole price concept of Office 365 is glitched.

    The Annual subscription price for Office 365 is $99.99.

    Office 365 is Office 2013. Therefore, today, the total value of Office 365 is $99.99x2 = $199.98 for Office 2013. People are better off buying the boxed version of Office 2013 for a much lower price.

    Some people will say, but you can use Office 365 on 5 computers. Seriously, how many of the millions and millions of household throughout the world have more than 1 or 2 PCs?
    • VictorWho

      You do write a lot of twaddle. I'm my house we have 2 desktop pcs, 1 mac, 2 iPads, a surface rt and a dell mini rt.
    • More than you think, actually.

      There are A LOT of families out there sending their kids off to college.

      An even larger number of those families have more than one child.

      If mommy, daddy, Timmy, and Betty each have their own laptops and a guest desktop, you can probably guess how this'll work...
    • office 365 Personal

      If your alone you can buy Office 365 Personal for $69.99. And I guess your not using your additional 20 GB of additional storage and monthly 60 free Skype minutes either.
    • There are many varieties of Office 365

      You obviously need to acquaint yourself of these varieties, and decide which, if any makes sense to you.
      Ian Easson
  • Office 2007

    I still use Office 2007! If I paid a subscription for Office 365 for the amount of time I've used Office 2007, it would be about $700.
    Pollo Pazzo
    • Pollo

      Do you still watch black and white TV and record the programmed on a Betamax?
      • Office 2007

        Office 2007 works perfectly fine for me still, using Windows 7 and 8. I have tried Office 2013 and didn't immediately see any huge gains for me personally.
        Pollo Pazzo
        • Fine for you

          Others may disagree.

          The market will decide, as always.
          Ian Easson
      • Still use Office 2007 myself

        and trust me, I am a staunch Microsoft loyalist, but on my home computer, it meets most of my office productivity needs. I do use Office 2013 on my PC at work just keep up with the latest. Comparing to black and white TV does not make sense. Its an Office suite, for what most users need, its more than enough. The key differentiator in 2013 is the OneDrive integration and the fact is, if you simply adjust settings in Office 2007 apps to save to your OneDrive folder you achieve the same thing. Yes, there are high end features, but the 10% of features most users need, 2007, 2010 is more than enough. Personally, if you gave me a copy of Word 97 or 95, it would meet a large portion of my word processing needs. Office has reached a point of feature saturation, the only left for it to do is prepare your documents for you automatically by reading your mind and I know that won't happen.
  • trying to renew office 365

    I hoping someone can help me. i purchase 365 office today as my copy expires on may 22. I did not want to renew online. but i am trying to put my key in and its say it can not update my account at this time.
    i had tried a repair and now i cant get into word, any suggestions