Microsoft Flunks Computer Science 101

Microsoft Flunks Computer Science 101

Summary: I love it when Microsoft confirms my extremely low opinion of them... ZDNet U.


I love it when Microsoft confirms my extremely low opinion of them... ZDNet U.S. has a good article on the recent Azure debacle. Real life events keep forcing me to revise my opinion of Microsoft... downward.


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  • A solution which would eliminate many problems--most notably Microsoft's inability to do anything technical correctly-- would be for Apple, given their having more cash than Poland, to buy Microsoft. Assuming they put Everything Microsoft in good order AND tweaked their customer service, they could end up with more money than Imelda Marcos.

    Warmest regards...
  • ...or Imelda Marcos' estate.

    Warmest regards...
  • I have been reading about MS Azure for 3 or 4 years and I still haven't figured out beyond "its a cloud-thing". I suspect that's the problem MS has, the Marketing (Not)geniuses (or should that be !geniuses) don't really have a clue either.