Microsoft gets lift from paid Azure adoption

Microsoft gets lift from paid Azure adoption

Summary: The company's Windows Azure cloud services has attracted and retained thousands of users, despite a switch from free to paid service


Microsoft's cloud computing push Windows Azure was only launched six months ago and while it is still early days for the technology, Azure has already attracted thousands of users and could prove central to the software giant's future technology plans.

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Azure was launched as a paid-for service in February and although Microsoft isn't giving exact uptake figures, president of server and tools Bob Muglia recently told ZDNet UK's sister site that many businesses are continuing to use the service after its initial period as a free service ended.

"Now there's a lot of people kicking tyres on it, of course, and they're continuing to do that, but we've seen a very high conversion rate [from the free to paid-for live service]. Where people are wanting to use it, they're continuing to use it," he said.

According to Muglia, Azure is being used by a wide variety of companies.

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  • The fact that Azure had 10,000+ paid user accounts became public knowledge on 6/4/2010 with Mary Jo Foley's "Microsoft passes the 10,000 customer milestone with Azure" post (

    OakLeaf Systems blog (