Microsoft introduces new Mac Office accreditation program

Microsoft introduces new Mac Office accreditation program

Summary: Microsoft will offer a new Microsoft Office for Mac Accredited Support Professional accreditation. The pilot training and evaluation program will be offered prior to MacTech BootCamp II seminars held around the U.S. this year, MacTech said.


The new Microsoft Office for Mac Accredited Support Professional program will target Microsoft Office for Mac, and Microsoft Office 365 suites. The pilot training and accreditation program will be offered free to registered attendees to MacTech's 2013 BootCamps II seminars, depending upon space, which MacTech said is limited.

A press release from MacTech said that the accreditation program will span topics such as Office Web Apps, best practices in configuration, licensing options, cross platform features, sharing documents with SkyDrive and SharePoint as well as other troubleshooting and common questions.

The accreditation is specifically designed for Apple consultants and techs supporting others using Microsoft Office for Mac, and Office 365 suites. At the end of the course, attendees will be evaluated on the content presented, and those who demonstrate sufficient knowledge will become a "Microsoft Office for Mac Accredited Support Professional." Once obtained, attendees will receive an accreditation certificate from Microsoft, and be able to display the new accreditation graphic on their web sites and other promotional materials, as well as in their credentials.

I asked Neil Ticktin, MacTech's editor-in-chief and publisher, whether this accreditation program was the start of something more for Mac managers. All he would say was: "What an interesting idea."

The first course will be offered the week after next in Seattle. More information is available at the MacTech BootCamp II pages.

This program is yet another example of the Mac's increasing entry into enterprise and business computing. Even Microsoft sees the necessity to support its Apple customers.

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  • Headline isn't exactly right..

    Microsoft doesn't exactly offer certification on Office for any end users. On Windows, it's ran by a third party company, Certiport. (I can't imagine why Certiport didn't think of this first. Maybe they don't like making money?) Anyway, I just want to clarify. I've known a couple of people to cert on Office, but weren't aware that they would be a MOS instead of an MCTS or MCITP. They have those certs for office products but it's more on the technical sides of things. (Running servers and such.)