Microsoft issues multiple critical Windows patches

Microsoft issues multiple critical Windows patches

Summary: Seven updates fix a total of 32 vulnerabilities, four of them already publicly-disclosed. The Cumulative Update for Internet Explorer fixes a stunning 24 vulnerabilities.


Microsoft has released their monthly Patch Tuesday updates. There are seven updates: six for Windows, one for Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server. Three of the Windows updates are rated Critical, the other three Important.

A total of 32 vulnerabilities are addressed in these updates, 24 of them in the Cumulative Update for Internet Explorer. Four of the vulnerabilities have already been publicly disclosed, according to Microsoft and, for two of those, Microsoft is aware of targeted attacks in the wild which attempt to exploit it. Microsoft credits 13 different researchers for reporting vulnerabilities to them.

In their initial Advance Notification for this month, Microsoft indicated that there would be five updates, four for Windows. On Monday they issued an updated Advance Notification Bulletin which added two extra updates for Windows. They are MS14-005 and MS14-006 in the list above.

Topics: Security, Microsoft, Windows

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  • Microsoft issues multiple critical Windows patches

    "Resistance is futile! You will be Pwned!"

  • So, Windows has vulnerabilities

    A lot of software has vulnerabilities. Even Windows. (Or Microsoft Windows from Microsoft, as LD would probably call it, if it was positive news about Microsoft Windows from Microsoft, instead of Microsoft Windows vulnerabilities - from Microsoft...)
  • Where's the PDF version

    Before last month, I could count on a PDF summary to guide my fellow Computer Club Members. I missed it last month and this month. Please consider putting this back in.
  • What Da Fa***

    Reading ZDNet - Often Pearls of Wisdom, But with this last
    headline and all the patches - Yes I got only 8.., 2 - of the Framework (that make 7 now in my system). 2 Vista, and
    2 - in Internet Explorer, 1 Malicious software update and a Windows one. But I do wish Larry Seltzer would say which version of Internet Explorer is he talking about ? There is a
    lot after Windows Explorer 7.
    • Covers IE 6,7,8,9,10 and 11

      Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-010 - Critical
      Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (2909921)
  • Oh well

    Praising Linux, Windows or Mac, what the Heck ? With
    the latest Windows 8 and 8.1 being a total F -up - until
    all the patches play catchup - stick to what you know
    and like. Maybe the new CEO at Microsoft will hire a few
    more testers and not rely on end users to make all the complaints of Bugs. So we just sit and wait for a fix up.
    But the industry PC, used in the offices will never be a
    Windows 8 or a touch screen. We have to wait for the nightmare of Windows 9, So get your wallet ready. We
    tried 2 Windows 8 systems in the Human resource dept
    but the learning curve was too much for them and way
    too many Bugs. A loss of productivity was not too cool.