Microsoft launches 14 innovation centres in India

Microsoft launches 14 innovation centres in India

Summary: Microsoft is opening 14 new innovation centres at academic institutions across India this week that will be used to train students in using Microsoft technologies and aid local start-ups.

TOPICS: Cloud, Microsoft, India

India will become home to 14 new Microsoft Innovation Centres (MICs) this week, the company announced on Friday.

As well as certifying students on Microsoft tech, the centres will provide incubation and support for local start-ups and encourage developers to work on the company's research and software.

The MICs will be based at colleges and technology institutes across four Indian states, after Microsoft signed a series of memorandums of understanding with the organisations.

Microsoft said the MICs will focus on mobility (Windows Phone), cloud (Windows Azure), Kinect, accessibility, healthcare and other challenges specific to India. 

The 14 cities that will host the first MICs, opening this week, will be in: Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, Khammam, Bapatla, Guntur and Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, Raipur in Chhattisgarh, Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, Trichy, Vellore, Coimbatore, Madurai and Salem in Tamil Nadu.

Microsoft said each MIC will work closely with five neighbouring academic institutions in the area. 

Microsoft is aiming to launch 100 MICs in India over the next two years, with a view to certifying 100,000 students in the company's technologies.

Topics: Cloud, Microsoft, India

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  • Whaaaatttt..

    what about the US?.....anything?.....
    • Are you saying MS not setting up centers in US, because 90% of Americans ?

      study Engineering ?

      Here is a study, 1yr old, still it's coming down, not going up -

      This shows Americans doesn't show interest in Engineering, most prefer Law, Business. Also, this study shows foreign students studying in US is huge compared to Americans studying Engineering.

      So, it's all math for Microsoft to go and start these centers in India, than in US.
      • Tell that to the STEM graduates that are unemployed,

        or made unemployed thanks to H1B Fraud (look it up, there are plenty of articles, including "How H1B Fraud is Killing America").

        It's all for profiteering, using artificial means to drive down wages to give Microsoft the appearance of having higher profits.

        Along with all the entitlements US taxpayers give them.

        Once the abuse of offshoring and H1B started becoming rampant, THAT WAS WHEN ENGINEERS TOLD PEOPLE TO STOP WASTING MONEY ON ENGINEERING AND RELATED FIELDS.

        Please try paying attention; it's not 1992 anymore.
    • In the US? Plenty.

      Taxpayer-funded handouts and tax cuts to that leech have never been higher.
  • Redmond must be all filled up

    tells you one thing there is no need for more growth in the us ..... I wonder if they plan to export Loverock Davidson to one of the centers? He sure could get the ball rolling over there with his humor...........
    Over and Out
  • Also Release

    your products here as early as possible.
  • Brainless South Indians

    lol..the only "innovation" these centres would do is produce low quality bots for MS .. All the places mentioned are in South India which is famous for absolutely the worst quality engineers on the planet.. they have 0 creative talent and only cram stuff for ages to understand even the basics..

    These guys are mostly with make experience certificates in the industry and absolutely terrible accents.. I know coz I have worked with them for 10 years :)..

    and to top it all.. they will try to recruit their fellow dark skinned south indians so they arent caught when writing any code..

    MS is pretty much a dying breed in India and south Indians are the only ones who can not refuse them entry into their markets..
    • Language barriers are one thing,

      innate talent - to be built up by education and skill - is as random as everything else that defines "the human condition". Not everyone has the same type of acuity. For example, I can't draw or animate drawn figures for the life of me. Therefore it would not be profitable for me to go into the animation field, most of which has been watered down by more generic imagery over the years since that's quicker to draw (ala Family Guy or that other equally hideous show on FOX that lasted 6 episodes last year... drawn on Adobe Flash by the look of things, I dare say, and wanted to look like 1950s-retro... Allen Gregory?)

      Nationality and ethnicity, always be cognizant of this, are being used as wedge issues to obfuscate the truth - wage devaluation and fraud. Devalue labor and then whine nobody wants to do it. Remember, nobody wants to be a slave, and it's labor that ultimately generates ALL wealth, so why do we not value labor?
  • microsoft can completely relocate to india; for all i care !!

    all i can say is if microsoft is building in india and apple is coming back to the u.s., then i know what i will be spending my money on !!

    and many american's will be doing the same because we americans are tired of being ripped off !!!
    • ID Ten Tee Alert.

      Good for you.
      Hallowed are the Ori