Microsoft launches VM Depot to ease Linux deployment on Azure

Microsoft launches VM Depot to ease Linux deployment on Azure

Summary: Microsoft's Open Technologies subsidiary will attempt to bolster the company's cloud platform by launching a catalog of open source VMs that allow developers and users to more easily build, share and deploy Linux configurations on Azure

TOPICS: Linux, Cloud

Microsoft's Open Technologies subsidiary has launched a preview service of a community-based catalog of open source Linux virtual machines for Azure.

VM Depot, as it is called, was announced yesterday and is aimed at easing the creation and depoyment of Linux VMs on Windows Azure.

"VM Depot allows users to build, deploy and share their favorite Linux configuration, create custom open source stacks, work with others and build new architectures for the cloud that leverage the openness and flexibility of the Azure platform," Microsoft said in a statement.

A lead technical evangelist summed VM Depot in this way:

"Do you need to deploy a popular OSS package on a Windows Azure virtual machine, but don’t know where to start? Or do you have a favorite OSS configuration that you’d like to make available for others to deploy easily? If so, the new VM depot community portal from Microsoft Open Technologies is just what you need," wrote Doug Mahugh, Lead Technical Evangelist at
Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. "VM Depot is a community-driven catalog of preconfigured operating systems, applications, and development stacks that can easily be deployed on Windows Azure."

Topics: Linux, Cloud

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  • Hard to believe Microsoft would waste their time on any thing Linux

    With Linux only being worth 1% of the market. Maybe Linux now actually has more than the bismal one percent all the Microsoft fan boys claim here on Zdnet. Now maybe they'll let us Linux guys sit at the same table at lunch time. I want a seat at Loverock Davidson table if it ever comes to pass. Lovie and me at the sme table....goleee to betseee
    Over and Out
    • Yea, what's up with this?

      First MS has a team rewrite their 4 HyperV Bus drivers for Linux about 7 times, submitting enough code and patches to make the top 20 kernel contributors, just to get to the point where the Linux kernel team finally says "We guess these will be good enough.".
      Now they are trying to get Linux VMs on Azure. Sounds like MS is trying to find a way to stay relevant in the Linux dominated world they see coming.
      • What next....

        WinP8 for Android?
        • Yah if you cut out two miles of code

          Shows times are changing

          Wasn't it Balmer that called Linux the plague or something like that?...
          Over and Out
    • They have to support VM on Linux....

      Because they stole the Linux code and got caught. This is part of their plea bargain....yep, scummy old Microsoft.
      • Huh?

        You can't "steal Linux code" on the grounds that... it's Open Source.

        How can you steal free?
        Michael Alan Goff
        • The GNU/GPL license is also called a reverse copyright.

          The open source is free, but if you use it, you have to agree to provide it's source code and the actual program to anyone for free.

          So If I use Linux Mint 13, which is protected by the same license, and you ask me for a copy, I have to provide it to you at no charge. I also have to make the source code accessible to you for free. If I modify it, I have to provide to modified version of the source code to you for free also.

          Microsoft took the code and used in in their proprietary software without honoring the license agreement and they got caught. As part of the bargaining, they had to allow Linux to use their VM.

          The licensing is just as viable as regular licensing, but only works in reverse.
        • It's protected by a license, it's not just "Free"

    • Re: With Linux only being worth 1% of the market.

      There are the people who keep saying that, and then there's Microsoft.

      Who would you say are the deluded ones?
  • Microsoft launches VM Depot to ease Linux deployment on Azure

    All part of Microsoft's migration plans. Allow linux code to run on azure until the developers can port their applications to native Microsoft Windows code. Its a pretty good idea.
    • What apps are they porting?

      "until the developers can port their applications to native Microsoft Windows code."

      Comment and disappear, typical....
  • I agree

    It just might save MS if more OSS developers port their applications to native Microsoft Windows, but I didn't know, until now, that you agree with me that OSS software is superior to MS's best.
  • what the hell

    i say thank you can it gets mark as spam.
  • So Microsoft's Answer To The Difficulty Of Installing Packages On Windows.. to use Linux instead?
  • Go Ahead and Laugh .... I think it's hilarious myself too

    Apparently having Win 8 Pro wasn't working on dual boot mode with Win 7 Ultimate; so Microsoft stepped in and finding out I have Linux but didn't appreciate what I had in there - grrrr -
    "Ubuntu Scooby Doo Ruh Roh Whatcha Gonna Doo Doo" which I had in the Win 8 Pro Registry ...

    Does Microsoft sincerely and honestly believe we are that DUMB?
    Awahili Guni