Microsoft luring iCloud refugees with free 15GB SkyDrive

Microsoft luring iCloud refugees with free 15GB SkyDrive

Summary: SkyDrive is taking to Twitter with a new guerrilla tactic to pick up displaced iCloud users. If you received the iCloud storage upgrade expiration email, you've got until midnight tonight to redeem it for free storage.

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Apple began sending emails to iCloud users earlier this month reminding them that the company's complimentary storage plans expire on September 30, 2013.

Microsoft, sensing an opportunity, quickly offered iCloud refugees 15GB of free SkyDrive storage (for one year) via Twitter

To take advantage of the offer, simply forward the downgrade email from Apple to and you'll receive a redeem code via email:


Thanks for sending over your email. Here’s your 15 GB of free storage for one year! Store your favorite files, photos, documents, or whatever you want! We are glad we could help you out to have your files always with you!

Here’s your code: 3V4BC-88RNV-283XG-GHVG8-93PYK

To activate simply go to, click manage storage on the bottom left, and enter your code. Feel free to email us back directly if you run into any problems.

Enjoy your free storage!

-The SkyDrive Team

SkyDrive currently offers 7GB of free storage to new users, but the guerrilla offer of 15GB of free space to displaced iCloud users bumps that up to a respectable 22GB, not bad. The offer ends tonight at midnight PST

Microsoft luring iCloud refugees with free 15GB SkyDrive - Jason O'Grady

As for me, I'm pretty much a DropBox guy because of its insanely great OS X and iOS integration (sadly the company rebuffed Steve Jobs' $800M acquisition offer), but I'm also a user. 

What are your thoughts on the state of the Cloud? Who's service do you use?

Topics: Apple, Cloud, Microsoft

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  • Kudos to Microsoft

    What a sad reality that Microsoft cares more about apple consumers than apple does.
    • Where is my 15 GB... an existing skydrive user.

      Obviously they figure they have me so they don't need to look after me. May need to rethink what I use.
      • Come on

        Microsoft doesn't want to please their own customers. They want to steal customers from others, with the twisted logic that this will hurt those other companies.

        If only Microsoft knew refugees make no loyal customers.. but, who am I to give advice? Microsoft knows better. Listen to Toddy ;-)
    • Not really

      After all if they did Microsoft would make the same offer to their current users. This is a ploy by Microsoft to rope in suckers... I mean customers... to boost their numbers.

      I'm good with using DropBox and Box for free - Apple and Microsoft both can keep their paid plans.
  • "for an extra 15GB of SkyDrive for 1 year"

    This is exactly what the users are experiencing - the expiration of the one year of iCloud. Why would I now want to jump to another drive that's going to expire in another year. I mean, either pay, or use other free services that aren't going to expire, like 50GB from mega or 15 GB from google, etc.
  • Microsoft luring iCloud refugees with free 15GB SkyDrive

    Very generous offer by Microsoft. When is Apple going to do something similar?
    • Wrong question

      The correct question is why did it take MS so long to make an offer that Apple has had for quite some time now. Sure, the Apple offer has expired but so too will the MS offer.
      • Easy question to answer

        Microsoft waited for the perfect opportunity which was now.
    • When will they offer it to me... a longtime Skydrive user?
      • Never

        MS have you by the short and curlies :-)
      • Longtime

        If you are longtime then you have 25 gig in there already since they grandfathered us when they lowered the storage space recently.
        You really need more than that online in one place?
        • I missed accepting it.

          You have opt in
      • Didn't they offer Hotmail users 25 gb free last year?

        Seems I remember that, not exactly sure on the timing, but IF you were a "longtime" Skydrive user, you must have overlooked that offer. But who knows, with all the battles for peoples' eyeballs, Microsoft, Apple, Google, or whomever might offer another free upgrade.
  • NAS Unit

    My NAS unit has 3T of storage and is accessible as long as I have a wi-fi connection. Am not a fan of cloud storage.
    • Skydrive

      Skydrive can be set up similarly.
      Smart idea doing that.
  • BT Cloud

    It's all pretty small beer....

    With BT Broadband in the UK, apart from the bottom hugging basic broadband package, you get a perpetual 50Gb of BT Cloud storage as part of the deal. Windows, OSX, IOS, Android, Windows phone. Hell, you even get free WiFi at 5 million UK hotspots.

    The game has moved on, and neither Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon or Dropbox are paying attention...

    As mentioned above, as an alternative, most modern NAS's now are coming with cloud storage - My Synology DS413j, has 2 TB free available to CloudStation App, anywhere in the world over the internet.
  • Maybe

    Maybe the NSA is sponsoring this promotion, you never know with Microsoft.
  • Don't care for Apple or Microsoft

    Not falling from one bad choice to another. iCloud was and is a disaster and I am so glad to be free from Apple's ecosystem. I am certainly not going to fall right back into another one with Microsoft. The key anymore is to use a cloud service void of any connection to Google, Apple or Microsoft if you want true unbiased and natural support across many platforms. While the big three all push their ecosystems, the better choice is something that does not care.
    • @JohnnyES

      "I am so glad to be free from Apple's ecosystem"

      Of all the three ecosystems, Apple's is the one you can easily ignore. And you are glad of that?
  • Guerilla tactics indeed

    This article included.

    Wonder how much Microsoft spent...