Microsoft makes Azure Mobile Services, Web Sites generally available

Microsoft makes Azure Mobile Services, Web Sites generally available

Summary: Microsoft is moving more of its Windows Azure services from preview to general availability. The latest: Azure Mobile Services and Azure Web Sites.


Microsoft is continuing to move more of its "preview" versions of its Windows Azure services to "general availability" (GA). The latest two to get the GA nod are Azure Mobile Services and Azure Web Sites.


Microsoft used its June 27 Day 2 keynote at the Microsoft Build 2013 developer conference to make the announcements.

Windows Azure Mobile services allow developers building Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android apps to store data in the Azure cloud, authenticate users and send push notifications. Microsoft announced Azure Mobile Services preview in August 2012 and added Android support a few months ago.

Since announcing the preview, there have been 20,000 apps written using Azure Mobile Services, according to Microsoft officials.

Microsoft also announced general availability of Windows Azure Web Sites during the Build 2013 keynote on June 27.

Windows Azure Web Sites allows developers to provision Web applications and sites on Windows Azure. Developers can do this via the Azure Management Portal, their integrated development environment (IDE) of choice, from scripts using PowerShell or CLI tools running on any operating system. Users can scal up and out thanks to Azure.

Microsoft made the initial Azure Web Sites preview available in June 2012.

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