Microsoft makes good on promise of quicker Visual Studio releases

Microsoft makes good on promise of quicker Visual Studio releases

Summary: Visual Studio 2012 Update 1, a collection of new features, is available just a few months after Microsoft released its latest tool suite to manufacturing.


On November 26, Microsoft made available for download the promised Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 release.




The update, which includes new features and not just fixes, is one product reflecting a trend happening across the company to deliver versions of key Microsoft products on an accelerated time table.

Microsoft released to manufacturing Visual Studio 2012 in early August of this year. In September, the team announced plans for more rapidly and regularly delivered "updates." The team said Update 1 would be out before the end of calendar 2012.

Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 includes support for debugging mixed managed/native Windows Store applications; improved ARM debugging for Windows 8 apps; the ability to target XP with C++ applications; new SharePoint 2010 development capabilities and other new features.

Update 1 can be installed from within Visual Studio or downloaded from the Microsoft Web site.

Other Microsoft teams that have said they plan to step up the release-delivery pace include Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and Office 365. The Windows team also is believed to be doing the same, with an interim "Blue" update to Windows 8 expected to arrive by mid-2013, if the Windows team sticks to its rumored plans.

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  • This is a good update. I like it.

    ARM debugging is more easier now. Also I like Enhanced development capabilities of SharePoint 2010 development.
    Ram U
  • Does It Support C++11 Yet?

    Interesting that the fastest compilers to add support for the latest C++11 standard have been the open-source ones: GCC and LLVM/Clang. Proprietary vendors like Microsoft continue to drag their feet.
    • RE: Does It Support C++11 Yet?

      I saw a demo of the new C++ 11 features using VS2012 months ago. Haven't used it myself but it's definitely there.
  • geat value...

    This is one of the best ways to bring more value for money. Delivering the latest and the geratest updates which includes feature additions and enhancements will bring lots of joy to existing customers. They will see more value for their money spent purchasing the product. Great work!!!
  • Microsoft getting aggressive with updates

    Today they also release a November cumulative update for Windows 8. This is 2 in a row, October and now November. They seem to have hit the ground running with a lot of their products. Its nice that RTM doesn't mean ship and forget.
  • Microsoft still

    hasn't fixed the ugly UI. I'm passing on VS2012.
    • That's not getting fixed

      The company has made this their new direction, so we're stuck with the hideously ugly grey on grey UI for a while.

      At least the under the hood changes are good. It's really a shame about the UI, because except for that it's quite a good release.
      • That's

        why I'm avoiding it, and sticking with VS2010.
        • silly?

          The displeasing UI seems like a silly reason to avoid the product if it offers significant advantages over past releases! I don't like it either but I'm very interested in seeing if the native HTML Lightswitch is easier to deal with than the Silverlight version.
    • Use the Color Theme Editor

      I can recommend the Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor, available via the Visual Studio Gallery, to "fix" the UI a little bit. At least you will get more choice than Dark and Light...

      IMO the UI of VS2012 looks better than that of VS2010. That blue background and the overcolored blue-purple-yellow-whatever dialog boxes à la New Project etc. -- that was ugly.
  • This is very good!

    I once submitted a bug to VS2010. The support guys confirmed it and the developers fixed it. However they told me I had to wait for the next version of VisualStudio to get the fix. It took almost 2 years before VS2012 was finally out in RTM. I'm glad there will be a quicker turnaround in the future.