Microsoft makes Windows Phone 8.1 file manager available

Microsoft makes Windows Phone 8.1 file manager available

Summary: The free Microsoft-developed file manager app for Windows Phone 8.1 is available for download.


Microsoft made available for download its promised file-manager app for Windows Phone 8.1 on May 30.


Microsoft officials said at the start of May that the company was going to provide a Microsoft-developed file manager hopefully by the end of the month.

The new free app, called Files, is available for download now from the Windows Phone Store.

Windows Phone 8.1 is currently available in developer preview form, as well as preloaded on a few brand-new handsets like the Lumia 630. Anyone can get the operating system preview bits for their Windows Phone 8 devices by signing up as a developer (whether he or she intends to develop apps or not).

Files provides users with access to files stored on their phones and SD cards. With the app, users can browse, search and launch files; share one file or multiple files; create folder for organizing files; and copy, move, rename and delete files.

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  • In Internet Explorer?

    Will you be able to upload files other than pictures to sites now? That would be tremendously useful.
    • Already Possible with Window Phone 8.1

      That feature was introduced with Internet Explorer 11 in the 8.1 update. When you click the "browse" button you're presented a list of your storage apps. You select the one the file is stored in and it will open the app and allow you to select the file(s); OneDrive and Phone are available options.
  • Files

  • Is that to joke?

    Did MSFT dare to out a pseudo "operating system" without a file manager?
    Now the big improvement is that it is available
    And better yet it allows to check the files even on SD cards and rename them

    Is that to joke?

    But it is a free app, so probably they cannot charge for such a basic application
    • No joke

      Yes they dared to do so, just like some other company. And just like that other company they got owned by Android.

      Now they only need to allow 3rd party dialer, SMS and contact apps, or at least significantly improve the 1st party ones, and then the major functionality is on par with Android.

      I must say I prefer the Windows UI, and I think it will break through with Windows 9, when the bad mojo of Windows 8 goes away and the development of universal apps is in full swing.
      • I think WindowsPhone 8.1 allows all those features

        I now you can change the default app for SMS and I think dialer as well. Not sure about contacts, but assume it follows the same trend too.
        • How?

          Are there alternatives in the store?
          x I'm tc
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  • It's really starting To Round Out

    into a nice platform. Glad I hung around. Now all they need to do is make XBox Music work EXACTLY like Zune did and I'll be a happy camper.
    • Not so happy camper

      I thought I was happy too with the 8.1 update but I have decided after sticking with it since wp7 came out that I've had it. xbox music especially, the loading takes ages, the lock screen artist has to be toggled each time for it to work. they broke the best thing about windows phone, the swiping up is ... okay but not the same an after thought at best. I can't believe I'm saying this but I think xbox Music works better on Android... crazy and disappointing!
    • yeah

      The xbox music sucked compared to Zune, they are slowly improving it but its still a work in progress unfortunately.

      I did notice in another article about the sped up development cycle that the xbox music team is/has moved to a fortnightly schedule for updates so hopefully that means it will get better quicker.

      Right now the thing I'd like to see fixed is the cloud syncing (or lack of) non-drm music. If that was fixed I could live with it as at least syncing would be as easy as this is my playlist on the pc now sync that to the phone to play locally (just like Zune used to).

      Note - I'm running 8.1.1 on the PC and 8.1 on the phone.
  • I remember seeing this in a preview of Windows 8.1

    When preview builds of Windows 8.1 were leaked, I remember seeing this app in them, does that mean we can expect the same for Windows 8.1 too?
    • OneDrive?

      Not sure what you are looking for in Windows 8.1, but the modern OneDrive app provides on device file management. If you hadn't noticed, at the top where it says OneDrive, click the down carat, and This PC is an option. It works much like the WP app. Really wish the WP OneDrive app had just been updated to do on device files, or Files supported OneDrive as well as on device. Silly to have multiple apps.
      • Microsoft used to make a great File Manager app:

        It was called Explorer and it was the core of every Windows installation.
        They even used it for browsing and displaying content on remote servers and called it Internet Explorer.
        Palm OS (not WebOS) required a third-party app for file management, but at least the OS let the apps decide how to use the hardware and users were free to mess things up as they like. Incidentally, after accounting for processor & memory inflation, the Treo 650p still has more hardware features and offers more flexibility than any modern "smartphone". (I even used it as a programmable touchscreen infrared remote, which still cost about $400 today.)
  • windows phones

    Too little too late - I tried the windows phone and was one of the first things I asked about - along with print drivers - keyboard apps -- tried to like windows phones for over a year -- finally gave up and went back to android -- BTW my laptop and desktop are windows based -- for me no advantage to have a windows phone
  • Bahahaha... Windows Phone is the King again.

    Safe and secure... WP 8.1 is really powerful.... Crapdroid and Crapple..well are just crap... they don't even have a file manager...

    MS need to make sure that they roll out Cortana and other best features of WP 8.1 world wide ASAP...

    Bing is the best tool to kill the pervert and evil Google...for that MS needs to rollout Bing products worldwide...
    • Microtroll

      I didn't think it was possible but the quality of your trollisms has vastly slipped. You don't even make sense any more.
      Metro Critic
      • I have often wondered ......

        how an idiot troll like Owl(insert your symbol string here)Net somehow managed to convince himself that he is helping MS's cause.

        With "friends" like him, MS sure does not need any enemies.
  • Windows Files

    But not in Australia ... I have phone 8.1 and it does not appear in the store ...
    • i got it

      I'm in Australia and I just downloaded it. Maybe its tied to a U.S. only release at the moment as I have my WP8.1 configured so Cortana works as well.