Microsoft offers a new iPhone trade-in promotion

Microsoft offers a new iPhone trade-in promotion

Summary: Microsoft is rolling out another trade-in promotion, this one focused on iPhones, to try to stimulate Windows Phone and Surface demand.


Microsoft is stepping up its trade-in promotion pace as of late, seemingly to try to stimulate demand for its Windows Phones and Surface tablets.


The latest new promotion, offered via the Microsoft Stores, is an iPhone trade-in. Kicking off today, September 27, the new promotion allow user to bring in their "gently used" iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 for a minimum $200 gift card which can be applied to any products for sale in the Microsoft brick-and-mortar stores. The promotion runs through November 3, 2013.

Earlier this month, Microsoft launched a similar iPad trade-in promotion via the Microsoft Stores. The company also launched a Corporate Buyback Program allowing users to earn up to $350 to use to buy Surfaces and Windows Phones for trading in iPads, iPhones and other competitive devices.

I have no idea how successful these promotions are or are likely to be. But Microsoft officials seem to be continuing with them as we approach the start of the holiday season.

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  • Means nothing

    Most carriers do not have the highend Windows Phones that are similar or better than the iPhone, so why would any one in their right mind take $200 to buy an entry or mid grade Windows Phone.

    Microsoft/Nokia exclusive deals are stupid, all their socalled partners advertise the iPhone and Android more than they do Windows Phones. Rogers Canada which is the only carrier with the Nokia 920 is actually pushing Samsung S4 and giving huge bonuses if you buy a Samsung phone.
    • Are you high?

      Only sprint doesn't have a lumia, so who really cares as they have no coverage.

      925 T-Mobile, 920/1020 on att and 928 on verizion

      A one year old lumia is still more advanced than an iphone 5s.

      Rogers Canada, idk u must be in the middle of no-where. Why would you listen to some guy working at a cell phone store, I mean they work at a cell phone store, what does that require beyond a pulse?
      • And you wonder why you yanks get a bad rep of not exactly being "worldly".

        "Rogers Canada, idk u must be in the middle of no-where."

        Dude, he's in Canada - you know, that small chunk of land up north where all the moose go to avoid getting run over by texting SUV drivers on your highways.

        Rogers is one of the three large mobile providers in Canada - Telus and Bell are the other two. None of them really support Nokia phones in any major fashion, so for those of us who want to go with a smaller carrier like Wind, we have to buy our phones outright. Hard to justify against $0 (pretty much everything else) type deals.

        Sprint and Verizon don't live here. Neither does AT&T. Geez man, turn off the TV and pick up a book sometime.
        • They send us oil and poutine

          otherwise Canada is just there.

          A simple look on the rogers site, they have the 920, the best version in my opinion as you don't need a wireless charger cover.
          • They are also one of your last major partner

            since china got sick of you guys never paying back your depts.

            Canada I that big country which as a better economy for its size than the US. It is also a country where anyone can get free healthcare. It is also a country in which the population is more educated than the US' citizens.

            But hey Canada sucks huh?
            Throw All The Things
          • ha free healthcare

            I stick with my private insurance for $45/month and go to the mayo clinic with zero wait.

            But yeah 25-35% of the US is basically just people raised as livestock for votes, fed with foodstamps, welfare and section 8 housing. Hense the huge debt.

            Our K12 system just babysits kids, so unless a kid has good parents they wont learn much in school.
          • Don't be so sensitive and defensive

            Fellow Canadian, show that we can take a little good natured abuse. :-)
          • Sorry

            (see i can make canadian jokes too)
            Throw All The Things
          • Blame Canada!

            Take off, you hoser, eh?
          • Oil, Poutine, and...

            You forgot Maple Syrup!
          • Vermont

            I thought maple syrup cane from Vermont.
        • Canada is lucky to be geographically located next to the U.S.

          and if they weren't, they'd just be another 3rd world country, struggling to survive. That "free" health-care, btw, is not free, and you wouldn't have it if you were located somewhere else, like in S. America. ;)

          Thank your lucky stars that you benefit from the U.S. having become the number one economy in the world, and a super-power.

          BTW, most of Canada is in the "middle of nowhere". Most of the land area is useless and unused. Other than oil, Canada is "just there". ;)
          • Americans...

            ...are just fat lumps that pretend to be Canadian when the travel the world so they don't get beat up or worse. They don't fool anyone because they are so fat, show they are idiots when they talk and put ketchup on everything.
          • Whatever country you are from would be embarassed to hear you...

            I thought the rest of the world was less brash and more, well, worldly that the US. We're full of religious freaks and short-sighted idiots, sure, but let's face it, we get that way from owning everything. I would expect the rest of the world to be better than us. Don't sink down to our level.
            A Gray
          • A Gray: Speak for yourself!

            The rest of the world still wants to be like us, but not like you. ;)
          • @_NonZealot

            Usually the first one to hurl insults is the one who lacks a leg to stand on. BTW you may want to change your pseudonym - you are no NonZealot.

            @A Gray - If you don't like being an American then renounce your citizenship and leave. It's just that easy. But don't come and whine about being American and suck up to someone just because they are not - it's sickening.
          • Drivel and nonsense

            Canada wasn't even particularly engaged with the United States prior to World War II (which we entered long before you did, BTW.) Our strongest relationship for our first years was with the mother country, England.... that is where our values and our economic infrastructure came from.

            As for the present day, anything we sell you, you get value from too... we provide you with energy independence from the middle east, with timber (since your own forests are mostly cut down), and food. And in turn, we're your biggest customer - all your electronic gadgets, fast food chains... nobody buys more of it (making American jobs) than we do.
          • Mac_PC_FenceSitter: Like Hillary said: What difference does it make?!?

            Look, Canada might have entered WWII before the U.S. and Canada and "your momma country" England might have been culturally related, but, without the U.S., Canada and England would today be speaking German. ;)

            While it's true that Canada and the U.S. have a mutually beneficial relationship in trade, my prior comments are still true, where I said that, if Canada weren't adjacent to the U.S., it might have been just another 3rd world country. ;)

            But, hey, I still like Canadians, especially the women, since I used to date a Canadian girl a long time ago. ;)

            What will the Canadians do when everything north of the U.S. becomes detached from an earthquake and is sent wandering off, and Canada won't be so lucky anymore to have the U.S. south of their border. ;)
          • WW2

            Canada joined WW2 because England had nothing better to do than to declare war on Germany. The reasons were purely geopolitical and not humanitarian. The US as well, they entered the war because they were attacked by the idiot Japanese. Germany did not want a war with Britain, France and the US. If it weren't for the US and the Russians, the English would've still slept underground like rats.
          • Just like Mexico

            Being so close to Texas made them a economic power and a top country in human development.
            (no offence - countries are different, there are good and bad everywhere, while I have my opinion it's very risk to say - "I'm bigger than you")