Microsoft Office 2013 now available to business users via Home Use Program

Microsoft Office 2013 now available to business users via Home Use Program

Summary: Microsoft continues to march toward the launch of its new Office, making Office 2013 Professional Plus available to business users with Software Assurance subscriptions.


Microsoft is continuing to get all its Office 2013 ducks in a row as it approaches the still-unconfirmed but imminent launch date for its newest Office release.


The latest piece that's fallen into place is the addition of Office Professional Plus 2013 to the company's Home Use Program (HUP). (Thanks to Neowin for the tip.)

HUP is a benefit that Microsoft offers to volume licensees with Software Assurance. It allows business users to buy and use the latest version of Office to use on their home PCs/devices through a "low-cost" download. (Neowin says the Professional Plus 2013 SKU will cost about $9.95 per user via HUP.)

Microsoft typically makes available latest version of Office to HUP around the time that a new version of Office becomes generally/commercially available. Microsoft officials still have not revealed when Microsoft plans to launch the new Office, but it's expected some time in the next few weeks, and possibly by the end of this month.

The Professional Plus version of Office 2013 is available only to volume licensees. This particular SKU includes the 2013/newest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook (with Business Contact Manager), Publisher, Access, InfoPath, Lync and the Office Web Apps. Professional Plus is one of a handful of new Office 2013 SKUs that Microsoft will be launching.

In other Office-related news, those who've been testing the preview version of Office 2013/Office 365 Home Premium shouldn't worry that their test versions will expire before Microsoft launches the final version of the product.

A Microsoft spokesperson told me that those seeing expiration notices in the billing section for the Office 365 Customer Preview trials should know that the preview actually won't expire until approximately 60 days after the next version of Office becomes available in their market. Preview versions obtained via Office 365 will auto-renew, with newer/later dates displayed when users check back into

The notification dates were built into the preview version to be in-line with how subscription users will be notified that an Office 365 subscription or trial will expire and remind them to renew or purchase once the next version of Office is available in their market.

"The messages trial customers see now are essentially of the Customer Preview experience as the team tests the system," the Microsoft spokesperson said. "Trials continue to live on without people having to do anything."

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  • HUP is the best value

    I have bought office, project, and visio for 10 bucks each (2010 version) and its the cheapest way to get the best productivity software out there. Student pricing is the second best way for non commercial use
    Master Wayne
  • Been using Office 2013 RTM everyday

    Since it became available MSDN, its a hard worker, I like the syncing features with Skydrive and the ability to sign in and have access to my recent files whichever machine I have 2013 installed on.
  • As a side note to the Home Use Program

    What is interesting is that Windows 8 isn't listed as an offering in the Home Use Program for Software Assurance, only Windows 7 Enterprise is.
  • I dunno man

    I like Windows 8 but, I have to tell you that Linux on the desktop is more compelling than ever and honestly, Office 2013 hasn't made the argument any less compelling.

    For the first time I ever, I HD a piece of hardware work in Ubuntu that would not work on my Windows 7 Desktop. It was my Blue Snowball Ice Mic.
    • ROFL

      Right. ubuntu is compelling... LOL.
      • Hmm

        Have you used it? It isn't just Ubuntu, there are tons of pretty cool apps that add to the experience now.
        • Rly

          Ubuntu really is compelling. It's a very slick, well refined OS that's a pleasure to use. Now I work on both Windows and Linux a lot at work. There are some things about Linux that drive me absolutely crazy (no equivalent to UNC paths) but for what the average user needs it handles almost all of it with ease. The major places it's lacking for home use is DRM issues and gaming. If not for that all of my home systems would be Linux (probably Ubuntu) because licensing for 9 systems is crazy expensive.
    • I would buy a Linux computer

      It wouldn't be any of the fails we see pawned off on the desktop though. The ASUS Transformer looks really nice.

      For now, my Surface RT is the best computer for me but if MS rests on their laurels, and ASUS doesn't, I could make the switch.

      Not to desktop Linux though. That's a fail. How long has desktop Linux been available? Just curious how long the fail has been going on.
      • There is nothing much compelling in Asus Transformer

        unless you get the dock too. Except for the App Ecosystem, I think Asus VivoTab RT with dock (dock is free right now and this comes for $499 with dock currently) is a better choice. But Transformer with Dock is not bad at all. VivoTab RT dock has a battery and that lasts the system to go little over 16+ hours with continuous usage. The SkyMap, StarChart apps on Asus VivoTab RT make it a good choice over its cousin Transformer. Of course you have to be that guy who is interested in hunting stars. My VivoTab (I have Surface RT and I won this VivoTab) helps me with my telescope to hunt for stars whenever the sky is free of clouds and weather is not cold.
        Ram U
        • I agree about the dock

          "I think Asus VivoTab RT with dock (dock is free right now and this comes for $499 with dock currently) is a better choice."

          Sure, but I would only entertain getting a Transformer if I didn't want Windows RT.

          I am really sold on the docking tablet form factor. It makes no sense anymore to buy a legacy 10" tablet like the ipad. That is so 2010.
      • @ Todbottom have you looked at.....
        We are going this way the cost of the Ultimate version that come with a range of applications (we have found we dont need to purchase other apps to date) and with the DVD installation cost was NZ$39 dollars for the initial system then NZ17 dollars for each computer.
        Bye Bye Microsoft
  • Yes, just got my HUP copy ;-)

    with tax... $10.65
    • HUP site fails when adding to cart

      Did you have any problems with the HUP site? I cannot buy the software as it always says that the shopping cart is empty. I get the main page, select the Add to Cart button, then the next page, I get the error that the Cart is empty.

      Tried registering several times, using US site, Puerto Rico site, using IE9, Firefox 18. Nothing seems to work.
      • HUP site fails

        Your cart problem has to do with cookies.
  • Excellant value

    Yes that's true, you can get Office 2013 professional for less that $10 and can install up to 3 PCs.
    • Yes, I got one

      even though I have MSDN subscription.
      Ram U
  • The most expensive $10 software you'll never own
    Al S Cook-4ec56
  • Streaming download for HUP fails repeatedly

    1st download stopped on its own at 84% complete level. 2nd download stopped at 96%. Found Office 15 registered on system. In Control Panel clicked "repair" for Office Professional 2013 Plus. Result was that after system reboot found software fully installed and license activated. Total process time of two failed downloads about six hours.

    Why doesn't the Microsoft store offer a download of the complete installation package? My default plan B was to wait for the backup DVD to be delivered by snail mail and install from it.

    Calls to Microsoft Support about the failed downloads produced advice to keep trying. CSR was otherwise incoherent.
    Dan Yurman
    • DVD

      I bit for the DVD copy also.
      General Chat
  • SoftMaker Office

    Is what you get if you remove the bloated, buggy nonsense from MS Office and then combined that with Windows & Linux interoperability of otherwise exasperatingly sluggish OpenOffice.