Microsoft patches 23 Windows, IE and Silverlight vulnerabilities

Microsoft patches 23 Windows, IE and Silverlight vulnerabilities

Summary: Windows XP's next-to-last Patch Tuesday saw four updates to it. Office 2003 is also going off support, but no updates were released today for it.

TOPICS: Security, Windows

Microsoft released five updates fixing 23 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer and Silverlight. Among the vulnerabilities fixed is a zero-day bug in Internet Explorer 9 and 10 being exploited in the wild. 

A Cumulative Update for Internet Explorer accounts for 18 of the 23 vulnerabilities. One of these is the zero-day vulnerability that Microsoft acknowledged recently.

Today is the next-to-last Patch Tuesday for Windows XP and Office 2003. The updates include fixes for four vulnerabilities in Windows XP, but none in Office. XP users will also have updates for Internet Explorer.

The five specific updates are:

  • MS14-012: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (2925418)
  • MS14-013: Vulnerability in Microsoft DirectShow Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2929961)
  • MS14-014: Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel-Mode Driver Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (2930275)
  • MS14-015: Vulnerability in Security Account Manager Remote (SAMR) Protocol Could Allow Security Feature Bypass (2934418)
  • MS14-016: Vulnerability in Silverlight Could Allow Security Feature Bypass (2932677)

Microsoft has also released a large number of non-security updates for all versions of Windows.

Topics: Security, Windows

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  • and this is..

    ..exciting news how exactly???
    The Central Scrutinizer
    • News

      Its not about being exciting its about being informative. Thanks to Larry we know how many patches and what is going to be patched. Great info in there.
      • Yup critical info for virus trap WindoZe Shills

        Indeed "Must Read News" for the Microsoft Army of Trolls so they can quickly defend the pig pen in Redmond.
        • Can we do something about these anti-Microsoft shills?

          They keep invading MS articles, calling people shills, and flaming people who disagree with them.

          Is there any way that a moderator can just come by and zap them out of existence?
          • Well if the mods did that....

            ... it would only be fair if they also zapped the pro MS shills too...... Ooops that would be bye bye Forever Cookie then.... you'll have to come back as NoLonger Cookie!
            The Central Scrutinizer
          • How about the Microsoft shills?

            They keep invading the non MS articles, calling people shills and flaming people who disagree with them....

            joke. It comes under free speech.
          • jessepollard, there is a little thing here called.....

            terms of use. Free speech has nothing to do with ZDnet's policies and ability to moderate this site as they wish.
            You were right about one thing though when you used the word "joke". Very appropriate for you to use that word.
          • Predictable

            I came here looking for those "See windowz and M$ sux because all the patches needed", just for a laugh.

            Looks like Luke-IT just lowered that bar a bit more. Thanks!
        • I agree, and wish they'd post the huge load of $screwdyougand Linux patches

          but ZDNet tends to let the Linux world and $screwyougle alone and not alert the world to the massive number of Android and Linux flaws. It's official, Android is by far the worst and most bug ridden, insecure OS to ever be unleashed on the world.
          Would never touch anything $crewedyougle
          Nokia Lumina with win8 is the best phone on the market by far. Market share is expanding at a steady and increasing pace, we will finally get a great OS for phones and tablets.
      • and that will...

        make a difference to you sat in your bedroom playing angry birds how exactly??

        Oh sorry I forgot - you are the local IT expert that everyone comes to for help with upgrading Win8 - this must be vitally important information to you!!
        The Central Scrutinizer
        • It is important to me

          and everyone I help. Knowing they are secure because of the released patches allows me to sleep soundly at night. I can inform them to be aware of patches that are being released and thanks to Microsoft Windows automatic update I don't have to much if anything all. The system updates itself. That is pure genius.
          • No Loverock - you are genius....

            Pure comic genius!!!! You always start off so well and then end up hysterically shooting your self in the foot.
            This time again the sheer genius of a system that updates itself with patches that cause it to crash on reboot, will I suspect mean that your unfortunate neighbours will once again have to give you gifts of food and drink for the comic enjoyment of watching you struggle to fix their broken PC's yet again..
            The Central Scrutinizer
          • I don't have to worry about that

            Since when I'm building a machine I do it "the right way." When done this way the number of problems encountered is very minimal if any at all. Never had issues with the machine crashing on reboot after an update. Its probably some third party software you are using that Microsoft fixed but the vendor didn't. If you are having such issues maybe you should take your computer to a Microsoft certified professional and have them fix it for you.
          • Mr. Davidson: "I do it "the right way.""

            Please elaborate. Inquisitive minds want to know ...
            Rabid Howler Monkey
          • +1

            Priceless stuff from Loverock today!!
            The Central Scrutinizer
          • Funnier and funnier !!

            You must be every shovel salesman's worst nightmare - you must have the biggest and best shovel in the world the way you keep digging yourself into a deeper and deeper hole!

            So pray, please do share your secrets of 'building' a machine 'the right way' You know after 15 years of installing Windows I never realised I was doing it the 'wrong way'..!! Maybe I had the DVD in upside down?? I believed everything you said in the past about how simple it was to set up and install Windows, I didn't even have to worry about scary stuff like compiling kernels or closing telnet ports. But it seems you were deceiving us all along... Only now do you tell us that there is some hidden secret 'right way' to install Windows.. This has to be the cover up of the century!! And when something goes wrong then it's not only because we installed Windows the wrong way - but also it's the fault of 3rd party programs (that aren't even loaded at boot up) that will cause the machine to fail to boot.

            This is legend stuff Loverock - nearly as funny as someone telling us we were holding our phones the wrong way!!
            The Central Scrutinizer
          • That is funny

            Now you are getting your posts crossed and mixed up. I never said its third party software during an install but you did. You can't keep your story straight. Thanks for the laughs.
          • Aww c'mon Loverock....

            You can do better than simply try to deny what you posted above for all to see..... Just in case you are suffering the early onset of Alzheimers here it is again :-

            "Its probably some third party software you are using that Microsoft fixed but the vendor didn't"

            Taken from the same post where you're telling us by inference that we are installing Windows the 'wrong way' no mixing up of posts there LD...

            So instead of trying to deflect attention away, please do tell us more about how you install Windows "the right way" As RHM says, we really do want to know!
            The Central Scrutinizer
          • "Maybe I had the DVD in upside down??"

            LOL!! No that wasn't it!
            You forgot to rewind the Windows DVD after you last used it!!

          • Crash on reboot?

            Mine didn't. I applied all the patches this morning. No Problems so far.