Microsoft poised to deliver Lync 2013 apps for iPhone, iPad

Microsoft poised to deliver Lync 2013 apps for iPhone, iPad

Summary: The Microsoft Business Division is continuing with its mobile and cross-platform focus, delivering the latest Lync unified communications bits for Windows Phone 8, iPhone and iPad this week.


Microsoft is making available mobile client versions of its Lync unified-communications client for a number of platforms this week.


First up is the new Windows Phone 8 version of Lync 2013 Mobile. This app is available in the Windows Phone Store as of March 11.

Later this week, according to company officials, the iPhone and iPad versions of Lync 2013 should be available, as well. Microsoft officials said these apps have been submitted for approval.

Update (March 12): The iPhone and iPad Lync 2013 apps are available in the iTunes store.

Lync is Microsoft's software for business instant-messaging, presence, VOIP and meetings.

In 2011, Microsoft made available to customers mobile versions of Lync 2010 for Windows Phone 7.x, iPhone and iPad. An Android version of Lync 2013 will be out within a month, so by April 2013, a spokesperson reiterated.

The ability to view PowerPoint when in meetings with Lync Mobile is a feature specifically for the iPad version of Lync, according to a March 11 post to the Lync Team blog.

Microsoft is working on integrating Lync and Skype, but is running later than planned with that work. The first phase of that integration should be available to customers by June 2013.

For those attempting to set up Lync for the first time, be warned: It's not child's play. Enterprise Applications Consulting's Josh Greenbaum says the user set-up experience still needs a lot of work. That said, Ars Technica's Peter Bright likes the feature set of Lync and says Lync 2013 is everything Skype should be.

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  • Desktop sharing?

    Can I view someone's shared desktop in these mobile apps. Forget the practicality of viewing a desktop on a phone, I'm just curious if it can be done. I would really really really like for this to be possible.
    • desktop sharing

      Currently only the iPad (and Lync Win8 app store app) version of Lync 2013 Mobile allows viewing shared content.

      These details and almost every detail you could want to know on my blog about Lync 2013 Mobile:

      You will likely find the section on "What is not in the client and what is on the roadmap" section of the blog above quite interesting. thanks
  • WinRT?

    Didn't see any mention of an RT app. Anyone know what's going on here?
    • Windows Store App

      Yep WinRT Lync app has been out for several weeks and provides a multiparty video view.
  • Lync 2010

    Hopefully this will be better than the existing Lync on iOS, which is a horrible little application. It does the easy stuff well, but when it comes to the polish it's clear that MS didn't get it.
  • the new Lync for iOS is out and its good

    Here's the link
    Mohammed JH
  • One Of These Has No Reason To Exist

    So, is it Lync or is it Skype that is going to die come June?