Microsoft promoting Windows 8 launch with free Wi-Fi in NYC, San Francisco

Microsoft promoting Windows 8 launch with free Wi-Fi in NYC, San Francisco

Summary: Microsoft has teamed with Boingo to offer free Wi-Fi in crowded areas in New York City and San Francisco.


Microsoft has inked a deal with Boingo Wireless to sponsor free Wi-Fi access at select Boingo hotspots across New York City and San Francisco.

Why? To promote and celebrate the launch of Windows 8 later this month.

It's also another way to introduce the Windows Store for Windows 8 to both developers and consumers being that the Wi-Fi hotspots are based on Boingo’s Cloud Nine media platform, a global advertising network designed to enable advertisers to reach target audiences through Wi-Fi sponsorship.

Free Boingo Wi-Fi is already ready for use at hotspots in tourist hubs in both cities, including Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood and San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. Starting on November 1, Microsoft will extend the promotion to more than 200 Wi-Fi hotzones across Manhattan.

The free Wi-Fi access will be available at these hotspots through the end of 2012.

For reference, Windows 8 will launch on October 25 followed by Windows Phone 8 on October 29.

Microsoft will also be opening up more than 30 holiday pop-up stores across the United States and Canada starting on October 26.

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  • nice

    This is great if you live and commute through these areas. Free Wi-Fi for the masses through the end of complaints here.
  • Do you HAVE to be running Windows 8 to get the free wifi?

    Or can you run on Windows 7 or even another operating system?
    Free From Apple
    • i dont thinl so

      The WiFi will be available before windows 8 will
  • How will this promote Windows 8

    Will users of the WiFi get special ads?
    Burger Meister
  • Microsoft promoting Windows 8 launch with free Wi-Fi in NYC, San Francisco

    A free Wi-Fi, do I need to protect my connection? Should I expect honeypots for this one?
  • windows 8

    microsoft buy i am sorry but windows 8 sucks so bad you need to let it sink it is crap big time
    o and microsoft i know it tell your company what is install in windows 8 and that is spying on your custmers and that is not right so has i see it your new windows 8 SUCKS it locks up or goes back to desktop or shut the computer down a lot and it does not run a lot of games we like at all so again windows 8 SUCKS
    • apple right you like apple

      Side loading, third party applications with out going to the application store as long as they are digitally signed, and all the old application from windows 7 you can run on windows 8.) C# and Visual Basic built on top of .NET and Silverlight C and C++ built in the Win 32 API HTML/Javascript on top of Internet Explorer. What am I missing from the programing languages . Is there some new language out I don’t know about my question is windows RT is made for business how many applications do you need.
    • Wow ..

      ... no punctuation at all. I had to read it three times and still didn't quite understand the entire argument.

      I'm guessing you dislike Windows 8. I'm actually quite liking it so far, and haven't really had any major problems .. yet.

      Any free WiFi can't be a bad thing.
    • ttx19

      First of all, your grammar sucks and you don’t know what you are talking about. I have installed Windows 8 on my 7 years old HP laptop and it is working perfectly. Your games are locking up because your hardware is not adequate for games.
    • Windows 8

      What a wonderfully technical explanation of how Windows 8 is faulty. Try learning that spurting nonsense does not impress us on the European side of the Atlantic
  • Rachel King....

    .... promoting Windows 8 launch on ZDnet.
    The Central Scrutinizer
  • Free WiFi is everywhere

    Today you can find free WiFi almost at every corner.
    For finding a free hotspot there are several Apps available or you can search on online portals like
  • Neat idea

    This is a really cool marketing idea. I'm sure they'll find a way to make it less cool, like force you to browse in Internet Explorer or play that IE9 commercial over-and-over again in your browser
    FrogSlayer Software
    • Neat idea.

      FrogSlayer Software, I suggest to change your name, gross. You got that wrong, once you get on Internet, you are the master.
  • Microsoft is struggling...

    They are trying to see if there is some way to get people interested in Microsoft, again. Basically, the Fat Lady has been called. When you see the head lines that state Microsoft's Windows 8 sales are slow, you might look out the door to see if the Limo is going to pick her up. Once the final swan song is sung, we can all breathe a sigh of relief, and just hope that all the Microsoft Engineers get jobs at some place that actually cares about customer experience.
    • Microsoft is struggling... ?

      Microsoft don’t need to worry with Windows 7 48% installed base and 38% Windows XP installed base. That leaves rest of the operating systems 14%. I wish I would struggle like that. Most of the new computers on the market will have Windows 8 installed by OEMs and they will sell like hotcakes.
  • Trying too hard for a reason...

    Smacks of despiration to me.
  • There are other cities

    I am so tired of mid-west cities getting slighted, like people only live in these two areas. Microsoft used to do launches in Columbus, Ohio all the time, in the theaters and there was one at the convention center a few years ago when Office 2003 was launched. I guess companies do not care about people anymore.
    • tell me about it

      i am SOOOO sick of California and New York City getting everything, sheesh there are many other places these things could be held. IF ya watched tv you would think those are the only 2 states in america :(, no wonder other countries hate us!