Microsoft pulls more Patch Tuesday updates

Microsoft pulls more Patch Tuesday updates

Summary: Microsoft has removed a series of updates issued during yesterday's Patch Tuesday because they could stop Active Directory Federation Services from working.

TOPICS: Security

Microsoft has pulled more security updates released during this month's Patch Tuesday update after reports they are causing problems with Windows Server Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

The updates — KB 2843638, KB 2843639, and KB 2868846 — could cause ADFS to stop working, according to Microsoft, leading to the patches being removed from Windows Update and the Download Center.

Microsoft has posted the following advice for users experiencing problems after installing the updates.

"You may experience functionality issues with security update 2843639 if you do not have update 2790338 already applied. We recommend that customers who are experiencing these issues install update 2790338."

More information on how to install update 2790338 is available here and how to deal with problems caused by the updates is here.

The updates were applied to Windows Servers 2008 and 2012 and desined to block a vulnerability that could reveal information about the service account being used by ADFS.

It is the second batch of updates from this month's Patch Tuesday to be pulled by Microsoft, with Microsoft withdrawing an earlier patch that was reported to have caused damage to content in Exchange Server 2013.

Topic: Security


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  • Microsoft pulls more Patch Tuesday updates

    Kudos to Microsoft for identifying the issue so quickly.
    • I guess it's always good....

      to compensate for your inadequacies, and it's a real plus to have cheerleaders such as you. It allows everyone off the hook and promotes mediocrity. Take an extra coffee break, it doesn't matter anymore.
      • It won't matter anyway

        None of the patches close the NSA backdoor to Windows, so you'll still be threatening the privacy of your customers, affiliates, and yourself by using this stuff instead of Linux.
        • They will go to jail if they close the backdoor

          The only way that the backdoor into all Windows products will be closed is if Edward Snowden release the keys to the backdoor. If he does do that then the NSA will allow Microsoft to close those doors. Maybe.
        • Mostly-silly argument

          If you're concerned about NSA snooping, using Linux might make it slightly more difficult for someone to get into your computer; but I suspect NSA can do it once they identify your operating system. As for any communications with the outside world via Internet, the operating system doesn't really matter -- it's all bits and bytes, after all. Encryption isn't a guaranteed answer either, since any encryption can eventually be broken. I don't like having anyone, including and especially my own government, snooping on me; but using Linux offers little if any security. I use Linux for its demonstrated benefits, and that just isn't one of them.
    • Wait Until Thursday

      We push all of Tuesday's patches to our network on Thursday. This 2 day delay has saved us a lot of problems in the past. We would like to thank those that test the patches for us on Tuesday so we can avoid some problems.
      • hahaha

        That's a wise move indeed! Take it you're not an adherent of Loverock's advice that 'it pays to be an early adopter' then?? ;-)
        The Central Scrutinizer
      • Patch Tuesday is usually followed by WTF Wednesday...

        Patch Tuesday
        WTF Wednesday
        Once Bitten Twice Shy Thursday
        Patch Friday (Friday evening that is, which allows you all weekened to uninstall patches and fix any remaining issues)
        • Weekends are Mine

          I like my weekends and do not want to spend them at work. This gives me Friday to fix things and then take the weekend off. So far I have not needed Friday's. A 48 hour wait has proven adequate. Anyone else with similar experience? (Question not for trolls)
          • If you mean waiting ..

            Yes - here. My group looks after about 40 Exchange servers and we wait, or sand box test if a realy important server, for exactly your reasons. So no harm done.
          • Re: Weekends are Mine

            So I have decided to not use anything Microsoft. ;)
          • Bury

            And bury my head in the sand.
      • Really, MS

        You would think that MS would TEST their patches before sending them out. That way we wouldn't have to deal with the BS. Their last patch, I had to reinstall windows. Now this.
        • Why do the work and spend the resources?

          When consumers are more than willing to fix Microsofts problems. Microsoft doesn't have to be concerned about testing, security or quality. AV companies make millions on their inadedequecies and mistakes.
    • Kudos to MS my a**

      The problem is Loverock that MS didn't identify the issue at all - if they had they wouldn't have released the patch in the first place. It was the unfortunate users who experienced problems with bad patches that identified the problems to Microsoft...
      The Central Scrutinizer
      • A Troll Reply

        If you had really studied the theory of bugs, the number of variables possible, the accuracy that MS is able to achieve is amazing.
        • why does Microsoft

          have this "Force majeure" situation? Why is that? Very rarely do I hear about "bad updates" for the open source software, let alone it's not a big deal to roll back to the previous versions there.
          On the bright side, MS Exchange is a billion $ business as was announced, is it $999 million now?
          • Percentages

            Open source update problems are rare because the usage is much, much less. If you study percentages of "majeure" you would find that MS is much lower than open source. Also, in the type of problem they had the application MS deals with are much more complex than most open source applications. This adds significantly to the degree of difficulty that MS must deal with.
          • Microsft is not

            familiar with the KISS principle?
            >>MS deals with are much more complex than most open source applications.
            Linux kernel runs on more architectures than Windows, AMOF. Most open source application also support more OS's, so they should be harder to maintain by definition.
          • Re: Open source update problems are rare because the usage is much, much le

            Do you believe this? If you do, of course, you deserve what you get from Microsoft.
            All of it.