Microsoft raises SharePoint Online upload limits to 2GB files, allows .exe uploads

Microsoft raises SharePoint Online upload limits to 2GB files, allows .exe uploads

Summary: Office 365 business users can upload executable files to SharePoint Online libraries, but Microsoft says it’s not a security risk.


After tripling SkyDrive Pro cloud storage to 25GB for SharePoint Online users, Microsoft is easing file upload constraints in its collaboration and content management platform for Office 365 business customers.

Microsoft has raised the the upper limit for uploading files to SkyDrive and SharePoint Online team site document libraries from 250MB to 2GB alongside several other tweaks to SharePoint — including upload support for more file types, raised limits on site collection and list lookup thresholds, and extended Recycle Bin file recovery.

The refinements to SharePoint Online follow Microsoft raising mailbox sizes for customers on Exchange Online or Office 365 from 25GB to 50GB. 

Teams on SharePoint Online can now also upload .exe (executable files) and .dll (Windows dynamic-link library), which were previously blocked file types and, according to Microsoft, due to this, a source of syncing hassles.

"For SharePoint Online, our telemetry shows that customers want to store these files in the cloud along with their other content. This change will eliminate a number of sync failures customers have seen due to unsupported file types," Mark Kashman, a senior SharePoint product manager, wrote on the Sharepoint blog on Thursday.

Addressing security concerns that could arise from allowing users to upload .exe and .dll files, Microsoft notes that SharePoint will "not execute any arbitrary EXEs or DLLs" uploaded by users from a team site or SkyDrive Pro account. It points out that SharePoint only accepts uploads from authenticated users and has Microsoft's inbuilt AV engine amongst other layers of defence.

File recovery in SharePoint is also improving under a new 90 day Recycle Bin retention period for documents, lists, or other content that have been deleted. Previously items deleted from SkyDrive in the Recycle Bin were deleted automatically every 30 days.

Meanwhile, document versioning in Office 365 is being enabled by default on newly created SkyDrive Pro libraries that will retain 10 versions. Versioning can also be enabled or disabled for existing SkyDrive Pro libraries and for team libraries and lists.

Finally, site collection limits within SharePoint Online will increase from 3,000 websites to 10,000 websites, but this feature is only available to Microsoft's Office 365 Enterprise customers. List lookups in SharePoint are also increasing from eight to 12 relations.

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  • No mention of the upcoming price increase?

    20% isn't it? Or is this part of the 30% increase for some services (would that make it a 50% increase or just 30?)
  • It's not a security risk

    Because the NSA have had a good look through and everything is OK.
    Alan Smithie
    • security

      why not a second look?
  • Not a big enough increase...

    I won't renew my subscription. 2 gigs isn't big enough to store my DVD backups of Office, Windows and other expensive software that needs protection.

    They need to follow suit with Dropbox, which has no file size limitation except that of the entire subscription. Dropbox will get my cash instead.

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