Microsoft re-releases withdrawn updates

Microsoft re-releases withdrawn updates

Summary: Three non-security updates that were withdrawn shortly after release in August have been re-released. Unexplained changes made to over 100 x64 Windows 7 updates.


Microsoft has re-released the remaining August updates that the company had withdrawn. All three were non-security updates. They had already re-released one security update last week.

The three updates are:

All are available on Windows Update, WSUS (where it is an optional update), and the Microsoft Download Center.

After the updates were withdrawn, the KB articles for each listed severe known issues with them. Today in the Windows IT for Pros blog, Microsoft's Michael Niehaus says in an update that the re-release of KB2975719 fixes those issues. Microsoft has told ZDNet that the other two updates also address the known issues and that the KB articles for them will soon be updated.

Microsoft's Description of Software Update Services and Windows Server Update Services changes in content for 2014 page, which lists all updates and modifications to updates, lists all three of the re-released updates. It has another set of entries for today listing 115 security and non-security updates for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems which have been changed in some unspecified way. These updates were released between 2010 and 2014.

We have asked Microsoft for more information on the nature of the changes and will update this story when we have that information.

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  • Microsoft re-releases withdrawn updates

    Kudos to Microsoft for fast fixes.
    • You mean the fix for the fix that didn't work...

      Or the fix for the fix that didn't fix the previous fix?

      More like a shotgun... throw anything out, if it works or doesn't cause immediate failures, call it a "fix"....
    • Hahahahaha

      Thanks for the laugh...Fast. OMG funny
      • I didn't find that joke to be very funny

        I respect LD as a comedian, but lately I think some of his jokes have been less funny than usual. I bet LD is working on some great, new material, though! (hopefully some new Linux jokes too).
  • Update worked for me

    Completed the KB2975719 update w/no problems. This on a system that I deleted and re-installed same update last week. I've not had problems with any updates so far.
    • Me neither, no issues whatsoever...

      ...on about a dozen win devices, ranging from desktops to laptops and hybrids/tablets. I think this issue was blown out of proportions by the usual Apple cultists who have a stronghold on the tech media.
    • Me Neither

      i also haven't had any problems with any of the updates, other than having to uninstll the original MS14-045 update, as MS advised people to do..
  • In Britain there are old films called...

    Carry on.....are they going to reboot them and call the nest one Carry On Redmond such is the calamity going on over there
    • Yes, yes

      It would be much better to do what Apple does when there's an issue that affected less than 1% of users and ignore it.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • you mean

        Like Apple does with all issues - ignore it or blame the user... :)
      • The problem is...

        ...people who use windows aren't mindless drones who are effectively in a cult and would never ever criticize their church. So, if MS acted like Apple, they would lose millions of customers.
  • Released, Withdrawn. Released, Withdrawn....

    Is there some sort of pattern appearing here ?
    • Might just wait a week

      ... to make sure these recent fixes to fix the fix that didn't fix the previous fixes are really... err... fixed.
  • Infinite Loop

    KB 2975719 includes KB 2979582 which includes fixes for KB 2975719.

    Btw, KB 2993100 is also released, but kb article is not published.