Microsoft readies a new Scroogled attack on 'Gspam'

Microsoft readies a new Scroogled attack on 'Gspam'

Summary: Here comes another in the series of Microsoft's 'Scroogled' anti-Google campaigns.


Microsoft will launch later today its latest "Scroogled" attack -- this time on what it's calling "Gspam."


"Already reading your Gmail, Google now using your private content to Scroogle you with spam that looks like real emails," according to a Microsoft blog post which is scheduled to go live on August 9. (I grabbed a copy of it before Microsoft seemingly accidentally posted and pulled it.)

"Google is now deliberately spamming inboxes with ads that look like real emails," the post notes.

Microsoft's latest campaign is focused on a Google Gmail inbox redesign from May that resulted in Gmail users seeing unsolicited advertisement messages in the “Promotions” tab of the new Gmail inbox. Here's how to disable that Promotions tab, courtesy of the Atlantic Wire.

I am one of those who finds Microsoft's Scroogled campaign to be a waste of money that would be better spent on continuing to make an even better product. I know some others think the handiwork of Microsoft's Executive Vice President of Advertising and Strategy Mark Penn and company to be a good use of time, funds and energy.

Microsoft also is scheduled to publish today results of a public GfK Roper poll showing nine out of ten consumers "disapprove of the practice of advertisements being made to look like personal emails and believe that their email inbox should be the most private place on the Internet." (Only nine out of ten? Who's that tenth guy or gal -- a Google advertising employee?)

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  • IMO

    these ads just make MS look like a crooked politician running a smear campaign on their opponent. it makes them look dirty.
    • Kind of like....

      what Apple was doing with their PC vs Mac commercials. The primary difference is many of the things Apple were saying were PC only problems were also Apple problems just with different names.
      Test Subject
      • NSA back doors

        And the difference is that all the windows have NSA back doors.......
        • Governments

          at least a few years ago were able to view Microsoft source code. So, I would think at least one country would speak up if they saw a backdoor in the code. No where have I seen it written the Windows has a backdoor. NSA did not use a backdoor created/given to them by Microsoft.

          Microsoft gave the data when valid and specific requests came through proper channels via court orders. At least that is what Microsoft is saying and I haven't heard anyone giving evidence to show that there is a backdoor.
        • For microsoft

          For MS you need MS support to see your account details and for Google all your info is sold to any company pays to GOOG.
          and all your passwords in chrome are a well cooked pizza for any hacker.
    • "...advertisements being made to look like personal"

      Don't know why they should object to that considering M$ and Apple pay shills to come on here all the time selling their FUD and snake oil.

      Can you say h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e?
      • How does that even make sense?

        I'm serious, your response made absolutely no sense.

        Even if they do pay people to come here, how does that relate to the topic at hand of spam emails being made to look like normal emails?
        Michael Alan Goff
        • Microsoft is clueless

          While Google, Apple and Amazon are changing the future and making the planet a better place for man kind, Microsoft spends it's money to complain and to whine about how they are scared to death of Google. Microsoft lost their ability to compete tech companies like Apple, Google and Amazon.
          • Nope.

            If you think that triumvirate of companies is making things better, I got news.
          • Actually, I Have Another View Point

            Thank you Microsoft for continuing to let everyone in on how far into the ethical gray areas Google is willing to go to make a dollar.
          • there si nothing common

            There is nothing common between Amazon, Apple and google.
            Amazon and Apple respects your privacy and Google don't. this article is about privacy.
        • Smoke and mirrors, Goff

          Look it up.

          And since you've just reached developmental stage, I'll take that under consideration.
          • So that's what happened to CaviarBlue...

            You ate him in the egg...

            You monster!
          • Another reason to use CCleaner

            To delete cookies like you.
          • Smoke and Mirrors...

   least you admit that's all you have in your toolkit.
          • You really do think you have a point

            Even if they pay shills, that doesn't mean that what Google does is any less bad.
            Michael Alan Goff
    • Thats exactly what I felt about open source proponents

      I was amazed to see their viciousness and was really put off with the ugly display. They would show their hatred unabashedly on topics not even remotely linked to LINUX or open source in general. Then I realized the fact that their lively hoods depend on open source being successful. They may tout FOSS as panacea of software development but you still need to earn money somewhere to be able to eat and they do that somewhere else. One way to make LINUX or other projects successful is to wean away customers from Windows and everything is fair as long as it meets that goal.
    • Agreed

      It always smacks of desperation and conjurers up images of a sleazy, sweaty Richard Nixon.
      Alan Smithie
    • NSA?

      After the NSA thing it looks especially bad.
    • Re: it makes them look dirty.

      at least shows the truth.