Microsoft refreshes with advanced rules, new undo options

Microsoft refreshes with advanced rules, new undo options

Summary: Microsoft will be adding new rules and undo functionality to its Web mail over the next few weeks.


Microsoft's Web mail is getting new features, including more advanced rules and a new undo option, officials said on May 13.


The new Advanced Rules add more controls for users in terms of how their email messages are sorted, filed and moved. Users will be able to create multi-condition, multi-action rules. The new rules will include options for time constraints, email tallying, checking read/unread email state and more.

Microsoft also is adding a new option to simplify undo options in a range of commands. Users can undo mistakes made when deleting, categorizing, flagging, marking as junk and more by either clicking the undo button, or typing Ctrl+Z. users also are getting new in-line reply functionality. Users will be able to respond to e-mail threads without launching a new view.

These three sets of new features all will start rolling out to users today and continue through the "next few weeks," Microsoft execs said.

Speaking of updates, Microsoft also announced on May 13 that it is beginning to update its OneDrive for Business with a handful of new features, including Simple Controls, Site Folders and smarter Search.

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  • getting very, very good.
    • Very good but one big "bug" just came 2 months ago

      Haave been tring to figure this out and even one Mic. group says ????Never heard of this
      When opening a mail , then clicking on a mail link (in that mail),
      The widows trys to open in front of MAIN WINDOW, but hides behind and sticks out just a little.
      The more you try, the more the you see on the "Status Bar".
      Been on PC,s for 15 years and tried everything-----Nada!!
  • Mail forwarding and spam filters

    Gmail has an interesting feature that it somehow detects that I forward all my email from another servers and does not mark it as spam. Gmail somehow has had this feature for a very long time. does not care. Even email sent by Microsoft itself goes to Junk folder, like Calendar notifications, MSDN news etc.

    Of course, I could setup to pull my email periodically via POP3 from my servers but I don't want to loose instant email delivery and go to 30 min interval.
    • not understanding your post

      You can use active sync (or imap) with outlook and, and imap for other clients. The filtering at the or outlook level are up to you.
      Luke Skywalker
  • Its the best

    I don't know why anyone would use Gmail over
    • because ...

      ... has a 5GB limit! and gmail has 15GB (
  • Sync/download frequency does sound quite good but for work I actually use two different mail services (not famous ones) but I do use MS Windows Live Mail 2011 as my local client for both accounts (last version available for my Vista system, in case anyone wonders why I do not use 2012).
    (For occasional special use I have had Yahoo Mail for years; can't be bothered to change.)

    I also do not understand Xentrax's post about downloading.

    In both cases I can view my messages in webmail and delete what I do not want and I can download in any interval I choose. I don't understand the "30 min" limit. Of course if you poll too often you might have a problem, but every 5 min should be doable.

    In my case I am set up for polling on demand (i.e. when I press Send/Receive (not Send option as there was in Outlook Express).
    One account is POP3, the other IMAP. No problems.

    I am sure the desktop Outlook client would be much the same.
  • What about the desktop app?

    Is it just me or are a lot of features still missing from the Win8.1 app? Features such as managing rules, or re-ordering emails - I like to display my emails in descending rather than ascending order, but the Win8.1 app doesn't offer this.

    Why oh why does the web version offer greater features than the web version? After all, I've paid to use the desktop version.
    • Desktop mail app


      If you do not wish to use Outlook, I suggest you migrate to Windows Live Mail 2012. What's more, it's free.

      Make sure you have the updates installed, if any, before you connect to your webmail.
      • @DAS01 "What's more, it's free." is free also. I'm not sure what you meant by this comment...

  • why I choose outlook

    when I reply to a message, gmail fails with their crappy UI :)
  • Poor service at

    All the features in the world won't make up for the lack of access to an email account on This is Day 10 without email access. It still says "Sorry, there seems to be a problem with right now."

    After waiting 24 hours since answering the Escalation Team's last question (which was a repeat question), Escalations responded with "Thanks for the update. We are researching your case further and will get back to you soon." In other words, "we've done nothing so don't call us, we'll call you."

    It's now been another 18 hours since their message yesterday... no sense of urgency on their part. I'm surprised is still in business with this level of poor service on paid, Ad-Free accounts.