Microsoft reissues SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1

Microsoft reissues SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1

Summary: Microsoft has reissued Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2013, which the company withdrew earlier this month after reported problems with the update.


Microsoft released an updated and fixed version of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for SharePoint 2013 on April 22.


A list of all the new associated Knowledge Base articles on the updated SP1s for SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Server 2013, Project Server 2013, and Office Web Apps Server 2013 are available from this TechNet blog post.

The post notes that these KB articles are different from those associated with the recalled SP1. Customers who previously deployed SharePoint 2013 SP1 are advised to download the updated SP1 and install it over the existing SP1. Customers who didn't deploy the original SP1 bits should just use the uploaded bits.

There is no update to the slipstreamed ISO from MSDN, MPN and the Volume Licensing Service Center "as it was not affected by the issue," according to Microsoft officials.

Microsoft released SP1 for SharePoint Server 2013 in late February. SP1 introduced compatibility with Windows Server 2012 R2, plus support for connecting to OneDrive for Business, as well as Yammer integration.

By early April, Microsoft withdrew SP1 for SharePoint 2013 due to problems some users were having in getting cumulative updates after applying the service pack, according to Microsoft officials.

The updated SharePoint 2013 SP1 (which is dated April 17, as Redmond Magazine noted), includes previously unreleased fixes, plus a fix for a missing search box issue.

Over the past few months, I've seen a growing number of IT pros complaining about the increasing number of problems with Microsoft patches and updates. I haven't seen anything from Microsoft about plans to address these issues, however....

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  • Office 2013 SP1?

    Does this mean a re-issue of Office SP1 is coming too? There is a known problem with the OCT where it won't deploy Lync or Onedrive.
  • Re-issued Rollups affects Dynamics CRM massively

    As a project lead on our Dynamics CRM 2011 implementation we have first hand experience of Rollups (aka Service Packs) being re-issued/withdrawn. RU9 was never released an RU10 and RU11 were both reissued.

    We are also finding that new bugs are being introduced in later fixes which had led to large parts of the Dynamics CRM community reverting to the tactic of "Only apply the Rollups if it fixes a specific issue the you need".

    Check out the CRM 2011 Rollup release table on this PFE blog.

    Scott Jackson, UK