Microsoft releases fix for failed Exchange Server 2013 backups

Microsoft releases fix for failed Exchange Server 2013 backups

Summary: Microsoft is urging admins running Exchange 2013 to deploy an update for the email platform which fixes a bug that caused backups to fail.

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Anyone who relies on backup to protect their data in day-to-day operations — likely to be most businesses — should install Microsoft's Cumulative Update 3 for Exchange Server 2013.

According to Microsoft's Exchange team, its quarterly update fixes a bug that "may randomly prevent a backup dataset taken from Exchange Server 2013 from restoring correctly".

In its support documentation, Microsoft notes the Exchange replication service VSS Writer hits a snag that causes Exchange 2013 database backup procedures to fail whether using its own Windows Server Backup or a third-party backup product.

"Customers who rely on Backup and Recovery in their day-to-day operations are encouraged to deploy Cumulative Update 3 and initiate backups of their data to ensure that data contained in backups may be restored correctly," Microsoft's Exchange Team advised.

A full list of issues fixed in the cumulative update can be found here, which include fixes for previously released security bulletins and product enhancements, including an Exchange 2013 compatibility issue that restricted users on Windows 8.1/Internet Explorer 11 to a limited version of its Office Web App called OWA Light.

Other feature improvements include:

  • Usability improvements when adding members to new and existing groups in the Exchange Administration Console
  • Online RMS available for use by non-cloud based Exchange deployments
  • Improved admin audit log experience

Microsoft's next cumulative update will come in the form of Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1.

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Topics: Microsoft, Storage

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  • Rather major failure that...

    Just how did that get through the testing phase they are supposed to be doing???
    • it's Microsoft

      where everything is possible, miracles are pretty routine business in the glorious city of Redmond ;-)
  • relevant...

    'a bug that "may randomly prevent'

    agreed - would be best if testing caught it. but nothing is perfect. more info would be needed to justify finger-pointing.
    • so why don't they do it

      properly? They got lots of money, they are very aggressive in court, in ads, dirty PR campaigns, covert NDA's. They sell their code, they should be responsible for every "0" and "1" of their binaries. Very few problems are expected from Microsoft in this situation, yet all the time they continue making all kinds of ridiculous, incompetent and unprofessional mistakes.
      • i don't like some of their mistakes either...

        but sounds like you have little knowledge of programming.
        if you have some suggestions as to exactly how *any* software company can be responsible for 'every "0" and "1"', please share.
        • sharing it with you:

          when they sell their code, illegally monopolize markets, impose and promote their products in unfair manner, conduct inaccurate misleading PR campaigns against their competitors.

          They better be perfect writing and designing that code, why have we been seeing just quite the opposite for the last 20 years? If you have any suggestions, please share.
  • OK we lost some email

    They will make more.
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