Microsoft releases many non-security updates

Microsoft releases many non-security updates

Summary: Most of the 24 updates are for Windows 8 and other recent versions. We can confirm that the new version of the Malicious Software Removal Tool works with Windows XP.

TOPICS: Windows, Security

As is usually the case, Microsoft released a large number of non-security updates today along with the Patch Tuesday security updates.

First, the monthly update to the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool is out. This tool is designed only for highly-prevalent attacks. This month two new families of malware were added to the tool's detectionsWin32/Filcout and Win32/Miuref. (It's anachronistic, of course, for Microsoft to include the MSRT update with their "non-security updates," but that's what they do.)

Note: We tested Windows Update on Windows XP and it downloaded and ran the new version of the Malicious Software Removal Tool, so Microsoft has not abandoned Windows XP users there.

Descriptions are available for some of the remaining updates, but not all. The links to the KB articles for the updates may not be live yet, but the updates are.

Three already-released updates contain no code changes, but only metadata changes.

Topics: Windows, Security

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  • Required 4 separate reboots and 3 KB updates will not install on X86 WIN8.1

    Updates must be installed in different order than pushed out by MS as they are sequential and require separate reboot at least 4 times. Also 3 KB updates (one optional but 40MB in size) did not install from auto WIN update and also did not install when downloaded directly from MS Download Center. This is most chaotic update yet for WIN8.1.
  • What a Clusterf**k

    6 reboots so far and still having problems. Our entire office is unable to function.
  • Ran smoothly - mostly

    On 2 laptops, a tablet and a desktop in the house I only had issues on one of the laptops. Otherwise it was as smooth as all their other updates.

    Laptop 1 is a 3 year old laptop had an issue with a driver update for the wireless nic, and needed 3 reboots
    Laptop 2 is a 1 year laptop and only had 1 reboot and ran smoothly
    Tablet is a 1 year old atom based tablet and again only 1 reboot and ran smoothly
    Desktop is 2 weeks old and again 1 reboot and ran smoothly

    With the exception of the tablet they are all x64 builds, so unless there is something funky with the x32 builds maybe there is just something on older hardware (given the only device that had multiple reboots was the 3yrd old one).